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Zazie Winters

ザジ ウィンタース


Zaji Wintāsu







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Barel Winters (Father, Deceased)

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Zazie Winters is one of the main characters in Letter Bee.


Zazie wears the standard Letter Bee uniform. He has black hair and hazel/brown eyes, with pupils that are nearly slits, much like a cat's pupils. He is noticeably short compared to other characters, Lag in particular is only a few inches shorter than him, whereas he's two years older than the former. He has a tuft of hair in the center of his forehead and wears his hat backwards. His canines are also shown to be sharper than any of the other letter bee's, which almost makes him seem more feline.


He has very strong family ties, as demonstrated by the fact he sat by his parents' beds until they died and then tried to keep his promise to Mr. Sinner, who he appears to look up to as a father. He is very loyal, but is very focused on revenge. Zazie has a harsh personality, which can be seen in his first manga/anime appearance. He was seen complaining about the fact that he has to go and supervise the hands-on section of the exam. He  then goes on to order Lag around in a cruel manner. After telling Lag that Gauche is no longer a Bee, he experiences his first emotion that isn't hatred, anger, annoyance or a combination of the three, and tells Connor to tell Lag that he wants to apologize and leaves.

Zazie holy

Zazie in his Holy Messenger uniform

Later in the series, he displays a softer side under his normal jerk attitude. He cares for stray cats around his house and was upset when he thought Dr. Thunderland Jr. messed with them. In fact, he even threatened and tried to kill Thunderland because he thought the doctor was going to dissect the cats, showing his compassion for the felines, even after that he still distrusts Dr. Thunderland, shown in when he refuses to go to the relaxation room for fear of Thunderland dissecting them and had to be dragged there.[1]

He is also seen to be a snarker in several episodes, along with a sarcastic sense. Zazie also has quite a few quirks, such as the fact that he blushes when he's complimented.

Zazie is also quite fond of Jiggy Pepper, and looks up to him as, in a sense, 'his idol.' A minor reference to that is at the end of Chapter 20, when Lag is telling Zazie (and Conner, who happened to be at Sylvette's) about what had happened, and Zazie yelling in disbelief that he really rode Jiggy's Bike. He then goes on to questioning every detail, with a hint of jealousy in the comic panel that it's explained in. There's also been a four-strip comic in which Zazie questions Jiggy's pay, and, upon learning of his idol's massive paycheck, comically expressed his interest in doing express deliveries. Lastly, in chapter 43, Zazie wakes to find himself on Jiggy's bike, and, while combating the Cabernet Gaichuu, he claims that he'd "rather die" than back down when Jiggy speaks of the risks.[2]


Young zazie

A ten year old Zazie.

 Zazie grew up in Yuusari, Underurrent at John Grier Home for Orphans, where he was abandoned as an infant with a wrinkled note, saying his name was Zazie. He grew up unliked by the others, constantly picked on by the orphans along with the owner. Growing up, he thought of himself as an alley cat, and decided he could only trust himself. He met Wasiolka when he was a little older after being beaten up and having his money taken from him. The two stuck together afterwards, Zazie believing that only an alley cat could understand an alley cat.

Back at the orphanage, a couple was introduced to him, the owner stating that those were his parents. As his mother tried to embrace him, he screamed at them to back off, stating that there was a mistake and that he'd always be alone. He was told his last name was Winters, but still he refused the idea that he would ever have parents, and told him his name was only Zazie, nothing more. As he watched them leave, he was unaware that they were crying from happiness while they walked away together, them being proud of who he had grown to be. He was also in the dark of how they had only left him due to their serious debt, and that he would forcibly be taken away from them if they kept him. 

While in town, people were yelling out warnings that a gaichuu attacked a couple just north of them. Immediately, Zazie ran to try and find them. Huffing, he spotted the two lying on the ground, both unresponsive. He tried waking them, even calling them mother and father. By their bodies he found a letter on the ground that was written to him. Moments later, he was tossed to the side by the gaichuu with only minor injuries. He was soon found by the villagers and was taken to the hospital, where he constantly had a bowl of soup to feed his parents once they would wake. Many of the villagers watched him as they whispered how he'd been up for three days tending to his parents while he hadn't even cried once.[3]

Only days later, he was seen standing before his parent's graves, holding the letter they'd written to him. Even though he believed they were his parents, he convinced himself he'd never have the right to open the letter, blaming himself for their deaths after sending them away. He then swore he'd avenge them. After asking the orphanage owner for a job that killed gaichuu, he was informed of the National Postal Service Workers, known as Letter Bees.


Zazie was assigned as an examiner of sorts to the latest Letter Bee entrance examination. He was stationed on the path to Raspberry Hill, where he first met the protagonist of the series, Lag Seeing. After reprimanding the other candidate for forging a letter, he complimented Lag on his skills, and continued to say that Gauche Suede was no longer a letter bee, shocking Lag greatly. Together with Connor, they head to Sylvette Suede to  find answers where the former letter bee had gone. Before going back to the Beehive, Zazie askes Conner to apologize Lag to him, saying that he "was out of line." Zazie later appears in chapter ten, fighting gaichuu with the help of Lag. Zazie appears in the nick of time as a Cirde rages, shooting at it with his shindan.  The young letter bee is visibly affected when told of the current situation and of how Ann's father died. He tells Lag to go underground and hit the gaichuu with his shindan when Zazie immobilizes the gaichuu.

Zazie and Anne

Zazie with Ann Grado

The plan falls awry, and Zazie vainly tries to save Ann and later Hunt, who are wrapped in Cirde's tentacles. As he continues firing his shindan, Zazie's memories of his parents' deaths resurface, distracting him enough to cause him to be entangled in the gaichuu's tentacles. Lag manages to destroy the gaichuu before it eats any hearts. He comforts Ann with the fact that he will be the one who will pick up the letters from now on, and she appears to have a crush on him after that. Zazie arrives from his last delivery at Sylvette's house as Lag searches for Niche. He laughs histarically at the story behind the underpants Niche left behind, and quickly leaves once tasting Sylvette's soup. As Reverse gains momentum, Zazie encounters Noir, and is knocked up by him. The young letter bee wakes up and Zazie tells Lag that Noir stole his letters. The two suspect that Reverse is nearby, and go to the town of Lament to investigate. Zazie later watches as Lag disguises himself as a girl in order to go into the convent, and comments that Lag looks cute. Zazie later save's Lag's life from  Noir and Roda. He fights Roda as Lag attempts to get Gauche's heart back. Zazie later fights the Carbenet in vain until Lag and Noir join together, managing to tear off one of it's wings. The two letter bees, minus Conner who decided to stay in Lament to tak

Carbenet defeated.


Zazie about to be killed by Zeal.

e care of Sunny, go back to the Beehive with an unconscious Noir in tow. Zazie is ordered to chase after Cabernet by the new temporary directer of the Beehive. In chapter thirty-nine, Zazie manages to find Carbernet and attempts to stop it before encountering Zeal, who tells him that his pain is nothing compared to his. As Zeal attempts to take Zazie's life, he is ensnared in the Cabernet's tentacles. Zazie falls unconscious from his wounds. He awakens on Jiggy Pepper's iron horse and helps his hero stall the gaichuu before it goes further to Yuusari. He later manages to defeat Carbernet. After Beehive meeting following Caberenet's defeat, Zazie and Conner resume their normal deliveries. The two travel to Undercurrent, which is revealed to be Zazie's hometown, and encounter a gaping hole belonging to the gaichuu that killed Zazie's parents. Zazie grins at the prospect of gaining his revenge. Zazie is able to destroy the gaichuu along with the combined efforts of Lag, Niche, and Roda, although he is saddened by the loss of Emily.


Zazie's shindanjuu resembles a sort of rifle/shotgun. His spirit amber color is blue. His shindan is called Aotoge or Blue Thorn. This shindan is loaded using Zazie's heart, but is often filled with hatred and malice. As an effect, the victims of his shot are 'going to be in the worst mood ever for several days', though it causes no physical harm. In one episode, he shoots Aotoge filled with sadness for having to shoot his friend, Zeal, which had a great effect on the latter.

He also has a special ability which he calls Aotoge no Ame, which means Rain of Blue Thorns, which he does by firing a bullet into the sky which splits into multiple small ones that fall in a large radius.

Zazie is also skilled with his physical abilities, being able to knock out objects from a person's hand, and even causing the opponent to go off balance with his kicks.

His dingo is a female dark-blue big cat, probably a panther, named Wasiolka (Vashuka in the manga).


Jacob Gobani

Jacob Gobani is somewhat of a father figure, or uncle towards Zazie. It does not say how they are related, but the two are obviously rather close. Jacob tends to show more of a stricter side when it comes to Zazie delivering, such as pounding him on the head when Zazie mentioned it didn't matter if the letters were dirty or not.

Sandra Gobani

Sandra Gobani is somewhat of a mother figure, or aunt towards Zazie. She always checks on her husband, who acts like Zazie's father figure or uncle, and make sure that both her husband & Zazie are doing things right. 

Ann Grado

Ann Grado is a girl Zazie met in Honey Waters. She develops a crush on him.


Zazie's Spirit Amber attack, Blue Thorn.


Zazie's Aotoge no Ame.


  • Due to a translation mistake in the early scanlations of the manga, Zazie has been confused to be a girl. However, he has been confirmed to be male.[4]
  • Zazie's Spirit Amber attack, Blue Thorn, fires out a single blast that later splits into multiple attacks. Probably because his gun resembles a shotgun.
  • Zazie is a big fan of Jiggy Pepper[5]
  • He absolutely hates the soup Sylvette makes - going far enough to get up and walk out of the room.
  • His inspiration was cats. As seen on the last episode when Connor asked him who/what is his inspiration.
  • Zazie appears to be one of the snarkiest characters in Tegami Bachi, and is a fan favorite as well.
  • He uses his hatred instead of the fragments from his heart.
  • In the special season, Letter Bee Academy, he has the tendency to flick into rage whenever he hears or sees "bug"/"insect"/"Gaichuu".
  • The name Zazie means "One who live honesty" (Referred by his dad in chapter 70)
  • Zazie's last name, Winters has been discovered by Lag's Heart Bullet.[6]



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