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Yuusari Orphanage Nun

She is the nun that manages the "Yuusari Orhanage". She lives in the town that was once known for its Spirit Amber mines before the mines ran dry. She also assists with Rose and her friends in their organization, "Letter Pigeon".


She is kind hearted and gentle. She also shows respect to other people. She has an understanding heart that allows her to understand about the orphans in her church. She also cares for not only the orphan children, but also the other orphans who already have grown up. She is very friendly even to the Letter Bees.


I. Pre - History

Since birth, she lived in the town that supplies Spirit Ambers to Yuusari. She later became a nun at the town's church. She take cares of the orphans sent to the church. One day, the town's Spirit Amber Mines ran dry. As a result, the town's economy went down. Many people were forced to leave the town and get a job somewhere else. However, the orphans and the poor people who aren't able to leave stayed in the town. So the nun stayed behind to help them. She also met Rose, Brytt, and Mark who were also orphans. Later, Abelene and Kyle were left by their father in the care of the nun because he had to work abroad for his family. Abelene also had a pet pigeon name Speranza that delivered her letters to her dad & her dad's letters to her. They were all getting along with everyone. But one day, Speranza pass away. Abelene was very sad because she can no longer send or receive letters from her dad. And because the town was so poor, no one can hire Letter Bees to deliver their letters. So Rose told the nun that she plans to form an independent delivery group called "Letter Pigeon" that would deliver letters for not only Abelene, but all the letters of those who can't afford to hire Letter Bees and were forgotten. And she even got a pigeon tattoo on her right hand to symbolize this pledge as becoming Abelene's new "'Speranza". After that, Rose, Brytt, and Mark form "Letter Pigeon". The nun and the orphans assisted Rose and her team with their organization.

II. Season One

Some time past since Rose formed the independent delivery service for the poor and forgotten. One day, Rose and her team decided to challenge the Letter Bees in a delivery race. They are going to race from the Bee Hive to the Yuusari Orphanage. Then they will collect the letters from Kyle or Abelene (the letters are real, so they still need to be deliveried to the receiver after they are sent to the Bee Hive). After collecting it, they will race back to the Bee Hive. And the one who gets their letter and return back before the other will win. The reason behind this race is to not only spread the existense of their delivery group, but also show that the Letter Bees aren't the only ones who can deliver letters. Rose wrote the letter of challenge to the Letter Bees and her & her team headed for the Bee Hive. Later, Rose's team arrived in their carriage first
Yuusari Orphanage 2

Lag and his team greeting Abelene and Kyle.

and received Abelene's letter. After they left, Abelene & Kyle, along with some other orphan kids, went outside to play to pass the time. Then, they heard and saw the Letter Bee's team carriage arriving; so they all hurried back to the church orphanage. Then a few moments later, the Letter Bees arrived at the front door of the orphanage church. Abelene and Kyle answered the door and opened it. They are greeted by the Letter Bee team who were Lag, Connor, and Zazie. Abelene asked if they were really Letter Bees, which Lag replied yes. Abelene was impressed, but Kyle wasn't. Connor asked if the Letter Pigeons came here already, and Abelene replied yes. They ask for Kyle's letter, but Kyle refused to hand it over. The orphanage nun
Orphanage Nun 1

The orphanage nun explaining the town's history.

saw and heard this all, so she came to Lag's team & the orphan children. She explained the reason why Kyle hates Letter Bees. Before, their town used to be where Yuusari gets its Spirit Ambers. The town was had high economy because of its main source of economy was the town's rich Spirit Amber mines. But when the mines ran dry, must of the people were forced to leave town in search for jobs. The only people who remain were the orphans and poor people who couldn't afford to leave. The nun also remained because she had to take care of the orphans, especially the young ones. Because the town
Yuusari Orphanage

Kyle stubbornly giving Lag and the other Letter Bees his letter.

became poor and most of its citizens left, the remaining citizens were to poor to hire Letter Bees to deliver their letters. And because this, Letter Bees stop coming to this town. As a result, there have been no deliveries for this town ever since. So no one in this town was able to get deliveries by the Letter Bees, including the orphan children like Kyle and Abelene. Lag was shocked because he didn't know that such towns in that situation actually existed. Zazie explained that it was no suprise because of the town's situation. But Connor added that they are now here to deliver their letters. Lag happily agreed. Connor then ask Kyle for his letter. The orphanage nun told Kyle to hand over his letter to Lag & his team. Kyle was shocked from this; but finally, he handed over his letter to Lag (with an annoyed expression). Lag happily accepted his letter and headed back to the carriage with Connor and Zazie. They were soon on their way back to the Bee Hive and after the Letter Pigeon. After some time, the nun & the orphan children received the news about the race. To their suprise, the race ended in a draw. The team leaders, Lag of Letter Bees & Rose of Letter Pigeon, crossed the finish line at the same time. After the race, the Letter Pigeon's admit that they can't be as good as the Letter Bees, but that doesn't mean that they will stop delivering letters. The Letter Bees agree with them. The Letter Pigeon gain some respet for the Letter Bees, same with vise versa; like when Zazie started calling them Letter Pigeon instead of Letter Bug. The Letter Pigeon team continued to deliver letters for both the poor & the middle class of Yuusari.


1. Her real name was not mentioned in the anime.

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