Welcome Home is the 40th overall episode of Tegami Bachi


Lag requests that Largo Lloyd and Dr. Thunderland allow "Gauche" to go back home with him and Sylvette, but the request is denied. Both men want to know how Gauche is able to regain his lost heart as well as what happened during the period he was in Akatsuki.

However, Largo allows Gauche to return home anyway for one night as he believes this will be better for him. Lag tells Gauche the good news and that he will pick him up after his delivery, but Gauche decides to accompany him as his "dingo." Although Lag feels that he's not that good of a Letter Bee, Gauche tells him otherwise, because of his work in returning Gauche's heart.

Soon, Gauche apologizes to Lag for not being able to keep his promise to look for his mother in Akatsuki. Back home, Sylvette welcomes Gauche back and thanks Lag for keeping his promise. Roda returns alive, as she spies on Gauche at his house. Dr. Thunderland warns Largo that since Gauche can access the memories that Lag does, it's possible he's still Noir in deception.

The next morning, Lag discovers that Gauche has disappeared from his room. Meanwhile, the capital inspectors inform Lawrence on Gauche's regaining of his memories, and since he cannot be a Marauder anymore, Lawrence orders the inspectors to dispose of him. He then peers down a cliff to an unknown gaichuu, attempting to escape.


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