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     "I'm sorry, Mother. Even though you went so far as to sell your home to put me through school... For me to leave you alone like this... I... Damn it! It doesn't matter how many I tear up and throw away... I'm never going to give up, never! I'm going to write an amazing masterpiece, just you wait! A tale that will resonate with anyone's heart... I'm write it, for sure! I promise, Mother!"

           - Memories from Vincent Alcott's heart in his letter

Vincent Alcott

Vincent Alcott is a fiction book writer. He made his first appearance in episode eleven Letter of Lies. He was also Lag's first real client.


He was very impressive when it come to writing stories and  fantasizing, but not many people appreciate his work at first (for different reasons). He also was bad at telling (or writing) lies, according to his mother who can tell he lied in his letters. He, however, had a very strong willpower in never giving up despite many people not publishing his books. He also has a worrying heart for his mother. So when he writes a letter to her, he always boasts or lies in it so she wouldn't worry about him. (Sadly, his mother worried about him because she knew he wasn't telling the truth in his letters.)


I. Pre - History

His mother sold the house in town in order to send him to school. Sometime after; he left his mother, who was now living in a small house at the cleffs near a town, to go to capital, Yuusari, in order to be a writer. However, he had a tough time trying to have his books published because
Vincent's True Letter

Vincent Alcott's Letter containing the truth of his life

many of the people who were in charge of publishing said that they were useless because either because the books were fantasy or the books don't have a good enough story. Because of this, he felt sorry that he left his mother; but he continued to write books in order to make his mom proud. He has been writing letters of lies to his mom since then because he didn't want his mom to worry about him.

II. Season One

Vincent Alcott 1

Vincent Alcott explaining Lag why he's lying in his letter to his mother

He made his first appearance in episode eleven Letter of Lies. He was Lag's first client when Lag became a official Letter Bee. When Lag first came and knock at his door, Vincent hide his letter containing his real words in a book. After he ask Lag about something to boast about and explained why he had to lie in his letter, Lag was shocked and shouted at the man about him lying to his mother and caused all the stack books to fall (while Niche put the book with Vincent truthful letter in Steak's mouth). Angered about Lag's complaining, he sent him and his dingo (and Steak) outside while he tries to finish his letter of lies. Later after Lag sent Vincent's mother the letter, Niche revealed Vincent's book and truthful letter from Steak's mouth; so Lag went back to him to give back his other letter, while both wanting to read his book and complaining to Niche to wear her underwear again.

III. Season Two

He made another appearance in Yuusari, evacuating with everyone else to higher ground in order to escape the Cabernet. He was seen again writing notes as he watch the battle between the Maka and the Cabernet. In the last episode, Largo Lloyd was seen reading Vincent's new (and finally published) book, "The Day I Saw Maka". The book not only shows/tells the events with the battle against the Cabernet; it also shows a sketch picture of which Vincent believe to be what the original sun look liked before the artificial sun was needed (based on what Lyode said to Aria when he was reading that page of the book), which is based on when Lag looked like the artificial sun when he lured the Cabernet and shot his final attack to finish it of.


1. Vincent originally lived with his mother, Louisa Alcott, in the town notheast of Yuusari which is called "Breath Mint Gelato".

2. Vincent's first book known that he finally got published is "The Day I Saw Maka", a book based on the events involving the Cabernet, Maka, Reverse, and Letter Bee. It was first shown being read by Llyod in the final episode of Letter Bee: Reverse.

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