Veritably Abbey is the 35th overall episode of Tegami Bachi


Zazie wakes up with Lag beside him. He learns that Lag went to the city of Pierce when he heard that a Letter Bee was wounded and taken there. From what both Zazie's eyewitness accounts of a molting gaichuu and what Niche's Sister told him, Lag learns that the spirit insects were chosen creatures born from the fusion of small insects and spirit energy beings in the land; however, when their last bit of heart has shed away, they turn into gaichuu.

It seems that the spirit insects encased in spirit amber given to Bees pose no threat, but the ones without will threaten world order and bring peril to the land. Lag becomes concerned about what the government does in the country and how it came to be. Lag and Zazie head off for the town of Lament by carriage and meet Connor there, who is making his deliveries.

Connor tells them that he has fallen in love with a girl from the Veritably Abbey who sold cookies to him for one time, who, unbeknownst to them, is actually Roda. Connor buys cookies from a red-headed girl after that, whose name was Sunny. She tells them that the white-haired girl only came to the Abbey once. After seeing Roda nearby, Lag comes to the conclusion that the Abbey is a base for Reverse.

Soon, he tells Connor to head back to the Bee Hive and alert Largo Lloyd about this place, while he disguises as a girl to gain access to the Abbey. Since the Abbey is for women at this specific one, men are not allowed on the premises. After Sunny invites Lag in for shelter, she heads for her prayers.

Lag follows and discovers that the nuns are led by Roda, who acts as the Abbess, to believe that by sacrificing themselves, they will help revolutionize the government and save their fellow humans. Lag goes off to explore but is caught by Roda, who recognizes him by his white hair and spirit amber eye, which leads to a short fight. Roda tells Lag that they will exact ultimate revenge on the government, using the molten gaichuu (probably Cabernet) as a weapon.


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