Tegami Bachi: Chapter 52 :The Kagerou Region
Hunter x Hunter: Chapter 340 :Special Assignment

Chapter 589 : Edo tensei's Release

One Piece: Chapter 670 : Blizzards With A Change Of Slime
Tales Of The Abyss: Chapter 23: The Pleace Within One's Heart
Fairy Tail: Chapter 287 : A Real Family
Gakuen Alice:

Chapter 164:

Tegami Bachi : Chapter 52: The Kagerou Region:

It's a story when the journey of young Garrard and Hazel go to Akatsuki. They reached place they think is Akatsuki. In that place he met the captain of military police regiment three, Clarice Kanon. Clarice brought them to the gate to Akatsuki. Garrard confess that this place is not the real Akatsuki. Clarice explain that this place is Kagerou. After the explanation Garrard and Hazel is going into the test and enter the gate. In the gate they met Sein, the gatekeeper of the gate between Yuusari and Akatsuki. Sein had a heart bullet, his heart bullet can see's someone memory (a half more like Lag). Because the memory is full pain and hatred, Garrard can't stand it, Clarice enter and want to know the result of Garrard. The result of Garrard is 29% and has been rejected to enter the Akatsuki and takeout by Clarice. Back to the old Garrard his preparing to destroy the Cabernet..!!

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