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  • I was born on August 18
  • My occupation is Tegami Bachi
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  • LargoLloyd


    June 29, 2012 by LargoLloyd

    I'm adding page at the topic "voicer" I' ve added the information page of Lag's voicer, Miyuki Sawashiro. If one of you wanna request, leave it on this blog comment I will do it quickly! ^^

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  • LargoLloyd

    Manga Sypnosis

    June 16, 2012 by LargoLloyd

    About my blog post of Latest Manga Chapter! if any of you want the sypnosis please tell me and I'll search for the sypnosis, Arigato ^^

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  • LargoLloyd

    I want to make an article. But I'm a little bit new in this wiki so anyone can help me? I need some advice too^^

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  • LargoLloyd

    Tegami Bachi: Chapter 52 :The Kagerou Region
    Hunter x Hunter: Chapter 340 :Special Assignment

    Chapter 589 : Edo tensei's Release

    One Piece: Chapter 670 : Blizzards With A Change Of Slime
    Tales Of The Abyss: Chapter 23: The Pleace Within One's Heart
    Fairy Tail: Chapter 287 : A Real Family
    Gakuen Alice:

    Chapter 164:

    Tegami Bachi : Chapter 52: The Kagerou Region:

    It's a story when the journey of young Garrard and Hazel go to Akatsuki. They reached place they think is Akatsuki. In that place he met the captain of military police regiment three, Clarice Kanon. Clarice brought them to the gate to Akatsuki. Garrard confess that this place is not the real Akatsuki. Clarice explain that this place is Kagerou. After the explanation Garrard and Hazel i…

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