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  • Jaysensei

    Discussion on Episodes

    April 26, 2016 by Jaysensei

    This is an open blog post discussion if you would like to discuss Episodes personally here.

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  • Jaysensei

    Personal list of Manga Chapters for Tegami Bachi (Scratchpad list)

    • Tegami Bachi, Volume 1: Letter and Letter Bee (Japanese: Jan 4, 2007; English: Sep 1, 2009) o Tegami Bachi 1: Letter and Letter Bee o Tegami Bachi 2: Crybaby Boy, Letter Girl • Tegami Bachi, Volume 2: The Letter to Jiggy Pepper (Jap: Jun 6, 2007; English: Mar 2, 2010) o Tegami Bachi 3: Letter to Jiggy Pepper - Part 1 o Tegami Bachi 4: Letter to Jiggy Pepper - Part 2 o Tegami Bachi 5: Letter to Jiggy Pepper - Part 3 o Tegami Bachi 6: Yuusari Central, Nocturne 13, Bee Hive Post Office --- Change to: Beehive, 13 Nocturne Way, Central Yuusari o Tegami Bachi 7: Raspberry Hill • Tegami Bachi, Volume 3: Meeting with Sylvette Suede (Jap: Feb 4, 2008; Eng: Sep 7, 2010) o Tegami Bac…

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  • Jaysensei

    Just a quick history of how I got started with Tegami Bachi.

    I began reading manga for it in Shonen Jump in 2009, I believe, and then eventually watched a bit of the anime. Fast forward a few years when I'm married, and both my wife and I watch it, and have seen the entire anime series (all 50 episodes, but not chibi special) three times.

    I am so excited that Tegami Bachi manga is finishing this year, but even more excited to learn that the anime could kick off again, as that is what the author desires.

    Okay, that's all for now! Have fun with Tegami Bachi!

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