Christmas Sketch Contest (2013)

Hey guys, why doen't we try having this wikia's first sketching contest. And the first "Christmas Sketching Contest!


Everyone good at drawing will submit their drawing/sketch based on the following rules:

1. The sketch must be based on Amberground's Holy Night.

2. Lag Seeing must be in the sketch.

3. All Letter Bees must wear their Night Messanger Costume.

4. No one from Reverse and no one from Akatsuki & Kagerou are allowed in the drawing.

Ex. Lawrence, the leader of Reverse and Clarice Kanon from Kagerou's military group.

  • People who are no longer from Reverse are acceptable/allowed

Ex. Noir/Gauche Suede and Roda

  • Anna Seeing will also allowed to be drawn

5. The setting of the drawing must be in a town in Yodako or Yuusari.

6. You are not allowed to use anyone who has pass away or deceased.

Ex. Elena Blanc and her dingo Darwin

  • It is acceptible to use the desceased people if the setting took place during the time when they are alive.

Ex. You draw Elena Blanc and young Darwin along with the younger version of Largo Lloyd.

7. You are allowed to draw any other characters from the Letter Bee Anime and Manga.

8. You are not allowed to draw characters from other animes or mangas.


Before December 25, everyone must submit their own sketch. By December 25, I and other people who are non-contestants will vote whose drawing is the best. And the one with most votes win.


So, anyone agree?

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