Truth and Lies is the 42nd overall episode of Tegami Bachi


Niche is attempting to explain to Lag that Gauche is no longer Gauche, but now he is Noir again. To Lag's disbelief, the two stare into space, as Noir is too distant for Lag to see.

Meanwhile, Garrard and Valentine are seen coming in on a carriage, while Noir and Roda are walking, as Noir says he doesn't know who he is anymore.
Soon, Garrard and Valentine are seen tearing up Dr. Thunderland's office looking for Gauche and his medical records, as well as wondering if his heart has returned. Garrard and Valentine make their way to see Largo Lloyd, and tell him that they are arresting Gauche, and that Lag was not supposed to cross the jurisdiction. Lag says, however, that he will stop at nothing to deliver Gauche's (Noir's) Gymnopedie back to him.

Garrard and Valentine quickly leave, hoping to see what Sylvette Suede might know. Lag and Niche realize this and rush over. Soon, Sylvette hears banging on her front door, and meanwhile, Lag and Niche suddenly fly through the window toward Sylvette - to her astonishment. Lag and Niche warn her about Garrard and Valentine. The two marauders then break in to Sylvette's house, where they are confronted by a dressed up Lag, who quickly was able to dress as Sylvette and use a spare wheelchair. They take "Sylvette" captive and go to the old Reverse Base.

Before Garrard and Valentine get to the old Reverse Base, Noir and Roda are there exploring and looking for Lawrence. After seeing a pile of dead bodies in Lawrence's old room, they hear Garrard and Valentine breaking in with "Sylvette." Soon, they threaten "Sylvette" with a gun, but then threaten Noir with a gun. Noir finds out that Garrard was ordered to kill him.

Meanwhile, Largo Lloyd is seen commissioning Jiggy Pepper with a letter to deliver to Lag Seeing. Back at the old Reverse Base, Garrard is seen abusing Lag, as they find out it is not Sylvette after all, to which, Niche comes in for his defense. Noir being mistaken as a traitor, he admits that he was only 'acting like Gauche Suede according to the memories of the letter bullet that Lag shot into him.' Noir promises that if he "rids" Lag, then Garrard will have no choice but to say that he is the real Noir and not a traitor.

Noir takes a "real gun" and points it at Lag, only for Niche to step in a block the bullets from Lag successfully. Soon, a shindan is seen from the window of Jiggy Pepper, to which, Jiggy comes inside only to be shot at by Noir. Jiggy successfully rescues Lag and Niche from the rubble that accumulated from all the shooting.

As they were riding back, Jiggy explained to Lag that he doesn't think that Noir was trying to show his true heart. Jiggy also explained that he was the letter to be delivered to Lag that everyone back at the Bee Hive wished to see him again soon.


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