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Zazie, ordered to track down Cabernet, arrives at his destination. Meanwhile, Sylvette begs Dr. Thunderland to allow her to stay with Gauche that night, and he reluctantly agrees. He also allows Lag to stay. Garrard makes Dr. Thunderland if he thinks that Gauche has returned, and the doctor states he isn't sure. He urges Garrard not to say anything, for now allowing the children to smile. Zazie attempts to go forward to destroy the Gaichuu, but is stopped by Zeal, who asks him why he wants to destroy the Gaichuu. Zazie is surprised and incorrectly calls him a dog. Zeal manages to scratch the young letter bee, who replies that the Gaichuu stole letters and hearts. Zeal replies that the government also steals hearts and he is unaffected by Zazie's Shindan. Zeal collides with Zazie, wounding him, and punches him repeatedly. Zeal replies to Zazie that his hatred his stronger than his. As Zeal glimpses into Zazie's Shindan, he asks him if he became a letter bee to destroy the Gaichuu that killed his parents. Zazie jerks free from Zeal's grip, and both prepare their final attack, is ensnared in the Cabernet's tentacles. Largo Lloyd looks at the situation with uncertain emotion on his face.


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