The Sick Letter Bee and Girls is the 19th overall episode of Tegami Bachi


Lag falls sick from an earlier delivery in the rain. Niche tries to help Sylvette nurse Lag back to health, but her attempts only made him feel worse. Niche helps Sylvette send Lag's sick leave letter to the Bee Hive but loses it on her way.

Soon, two thugs pick up the letter and attempt to blackmail Niche for money, however Sylvette arrives to stop them. While buying medicine, Sylvette drags Niche from the distractions along the way. Niche goes into a tantrum and tells Sylvette that she always forces her to do things she doesn't like, and goes off to look for something to make Lag better.

After finding that the particular medicine is sold out, Sylvette receives directions from the pharmacy to look for herbs. However, her wheelchair is stuck in the soft mud and begins to sink. Steak runs off to get Niche for help and Niche manages to rescue Sylvette just in time. Niche admits that Sylvette is the only one who can nurse Lag. Sylvette realizes that Niche is really concerned for Lag's well-being. They return home to find Lag recovered from his fever by Zazie's medicine when he and Connor came to visit. Sylvette found out that Zazie was the one who bought the last bottle of medicine, but isn't too mad because Lag is feeling better.


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