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Sylvette hears her brother's voice, and begins rolling her wheelchair to him just as the wheelchair is bumped. Gauche Suede catches her falling form with his two hands as Sylvette cries. At Goodbye Amsterdams, Hodai Franklin tells to Aria of how twelve years ago he and his best friend Kamahan Negish were selected to manage the pressure on the phantom gas on the airship. The two young men were very happy about their job, but Hodai in the present time, he noted that he and the six others were only sent because they were "disposible." Before getting on the airship, Hodai noticed three triplet bees, and his friend explains that their shindans were needed the airship was to go anywher. Elena arrives to see them off, and reveals them to be Camus, Jean, and Seine. A young Dr. Thunderland is shown contemplating dissecting Darwin. 

While on the airship, Negish commented of how the man-made sun seemed to dim. Hodai in turn started to admire the man-made sun when it suddenly went out. The terrified young man continued to stare at the shape of the man-made sun, hearing the word "mother" in his head. In the present time, Hodai feverently told Aria of how the sun seemed to be in the shape of an eye, and it looked at him. Blinded in his left eye, Hodai was carried away to safety by Negish, who later died in his arms when the airship crashed. Lag and Dr. Thunderland stare in shock as Gauche Suede seeminly reverts to his former personality, and upon hearing his voice, Lag burts into tears and jumps towards Gauche. Hodai continued to tell Aria of how the sun devored everything they loved, and of how her friend, having part of his heart in the sun, would never be whole again.


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