The Red and Green Ribbon is the 12th overall episode of Tegami Bachi, and an anime only special.


This anime-exclusive episode involves "Holy Night," a Christmas-like holiday originating from the northern areas of Amberground.

Lag and Zazie, become "Holy Night Messengers," who dress in Santa Claus-like costumes, and whose job is to "grant wishes" to those who receive letters on this day.

Lag and Zazie meet Sonja, a girl whose parents were killed by gaichuu. Because of this, the other villagers fear her, thinking that she might attract other gaichuu to her village. When a gaichuu does attack, Zazie determines that it was because of all the presents for Holy Night. Before they return to the village, Sonja gives Lag and Zazie her red and green hair ribbons to remember her.


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