The Hydrangea-colored Picture Letter is the 19th overall chapter of Tegami Bachi Manga


Lag is thinking through what he will write on the slip for the letter bullet. He asks Sylvette to help. Soon, however, Lag is assigned a delivery to a huge mansion.

Lag and Niche begin their journey to the mansion. Upon arriving, they are greeted by a tall woman named, Kimidori. Then, an older woman named Colbasso asks if the Letter Bee has arrived. Lag is invited to speak to their master.


Master Rei Attlee

Lag meets their master, Rei Attlee, who hands Lag two photos of hydrangea art, "picture letters." Rei explains her health problems, and that these pictures help her sustain her life longer (to keep on fighting the illness). She wishes to know who drew them. Therefore, Lag and Niche begin searching.

The two of them search all around town, unable to find the artist. They come back to the mansion, only to see a woman in the hydrangea garden tending to the flowers with dirty fingers. Lag immediately blames her, to which, she agrees he is correct. She then asks Lag not to admit it to Master Rei. Lag promises not to, but didn't know Colbasso was spying.

Before Lag made it back to Rei, Colbasso had confessed she was the one to draw the photos to Rei, to which, angered Lag, because he knew Colbasso faked the story and that Kimidori was the artist actually. Lag realizes that he cannot reveal to Rei that it was Kimidori, but nothing is stopping him from "shooting them."


Lag's failed picture letter

He shoots the picture letters with his shindan, to which, memories recover of Kimidori and Rei enjoying their childhood together and Kimidori creating picture letters for her recently. Since Rei knows the truth, she goes to Kimidori and thanks her. Later, Lag tries to do a picture letter for his letter bullet to Gauche, only to realize he is horrible at drawing.


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