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Tegami Bachi Original Soundtrack (OST) was composed by Kunihiko Ryo.



  1. Canon of AMBER GROUND **
    List of ost

    The List

  2. LETTER BEE **
  3. 追憶のAria~Recollections **
  4. Niche&Steak **
  5. Connor Culh
  6. Pico-Pico
  7. White Desert of Jose **
  8. Lag & Niche
  9. 精霊琥珀 (Seirei-Kohaku) **
  10. Prayer Hill **
  11. Tears of Silver **
  12. 追憶のAria~Recollections (Harpsicord version)
  13. Lightning
  14. Heavy-Metal Enemy (襲撃-鎧虫)
  15. Town of Kyrie~Dead End **
  16. 摩訶 (MA-KA)
  17. YODAKA
  18. Boushitsu -Goos & Noir-
  19. Attack
  20. Shoot Down!
    Poster ost

    OST Poster

  21. Nocturne ~a Destiny **
  22. Canon of AMBER GROUND (Full version) **
  23. LETTER BEE ~Strings Harpsicord version


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