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         "Ah! If that's the case, would you two please have dinner with me? Because it's Saint's Night today after all! It's merrier to eat with everyone, right?"

                                                                                          - Sonja's wish to Lag & Zazie


Sonja is one of the unfortunate children in the Western Amberground. Like Zazie, her parents were killed by Gaichuu. She made her appearance in Episode 12: The Red and Green Ribbon.


Sonja is a kind girl. She works very hard at the house after her parents died. She also holds a very gentle heart when it comes to others like Lag & Zazie. She as isn't selfish nor greedy as seen when she at first didn't want them to fulfill any wish, then ask them to have dinner with her after Lag tried to convince her to try making any wish. She also has a very fragile heart like when She lived outside the village since the villagers say that she'll attract Gaichuu because her parents were killed by Gaichuu. Despite that, she does her best in becoming a "picture book author" &  continues to be cheerful. And like Lag, she also can be a crybaby as seen when both her & Lag cried will reading the picture book she received called "Crybaby" (unlike Zazie).


I. Pre - History

Before, she & her family used to live in the village at Mt. Juerce. But one day, her parents were killed by Gaichuu. The villages keep saying the because of this, she'll attract the Gaichuu to the village, so she left the village & lived in a house at the outskirts of that village. She became an unfortunate orphan, but she did her best in the house & continue to be cheerful. She wasn't completely lonely because of the memories & pictures of her parents were in the house.
File:Sonja's Family.jpg

II. Season 1

One day during Holy Night, Lag & Zazie (who were dressed as Holy Night Messengers) came to her house. As traditioned, they gave her a present (which is revealed as a picture book called "Crybaby") and asked what wish her want them to fulfill. But when she said she doesn't have any wish, Lag tried to convince her to try asking any kind of wish (much to Zazie's dislike) & finally she ask them to have dinner with them. Lag help her with chopping the wood, then he clear the snow while Sonja & Zazie went to buy ingredients for dinner. There, Zazie noticed that many people didn't want her in the village. When the three ate dinner, a blizzard struck the mountain so Sonja had them stay in her house for the night. They read her new picture book (which made her & Lag cry, but not Zazie), played cards, draw pictures, & sang hymns. After they went to sleep, Zazie couldn't sleep because of the villagers attitude to Sonja. When she thanked him for fulfilling her wish & said that they can be able to leave tomorrow, he asked her why she lived outside the village.
File:Sonja 3.jpg
Then, she explained she parents death by Gaichuu & the people saying that she'll attract more of them because of that. But when Zazie angerily complain to that, she said that there's nothing to change their mind, so she lived in outside the village. After she went back to sleep, Zazie began to think about earlier when she asked him why he became a Letter Bee, then thought about his past. The next day, when Zazie tried to say something to Sonja before he & Lag left, a villager came & asked them to help because a Gaichuu is attacking the village. When they got there, the villager angerily blamed Sonja because she came to the village yesterday. But Zazie, even more anger, shout at him the it wasn't Sonja's fault for what happened. Then after he & Lag defeated the Gaichuu, he told the villagers that the Gaichuu was attracted to the gifts brought for Holy Night,
Sonja 5

Sonja giving her red & green ribbons to Lag & Zazie.

not because Sonja's parents were killed by Gaichuu (which the villagers reacted suprised & Sonja smiled because of him trusting her). Before the two left for back home, she gave her red & green ribbons to them as a thank you from before and smiled to them as the two headed back to Yuusari.


1. Sonja's dream is to become a "Picture Book Author".

2. The name of the episode is based on her from her red ribbon gave to Lag & green ribbon that she gave to Zazie.

3. She lives in a house at the outskirts of a town in "The Mountain of Juerce".

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