Smile of Hope Lead-in is the 45th overall episode of Tegami Bachi


Lag meets with Head Bee Largo Lloyd, Submaster Aria Link, and Dr. Thunderland as they are afraid the Cabernet will return soon for Yuusari and/or head straight for the Capital. They contemplate on using Gus for sniffing out the Cabernet, therefore, they need Connor's assistance - who is still in Honey Waters with Sunny.

Connor has been visiting Sunny, as Sunny was one of those in that Reverse Base who had her heart eaten by Gaichuu. Sunny continues to make cookies for Connor, even though she appears to have lost her heart. This has saddened Connor to the point that he has been dedicated looking after her.

Lag, Niche, and Steak journey to find Connor. On the way, they see Gus taking flowers to Connor, to which, they follow him to see Connor putting flowers on a grave. They hand Connor the letter from the Bee Hive, and it angers Connor - but he says he cannot go because he wants to continue taking care of Sunny. Connor said that Gus can go in his stead, until Niche spoke up and said that Gus is unhappy.

Soon, they all try Sunny's cookies and smile in enjoyment, which brings a smile - to Connor's surprise, to Sunny's face and allows them to understand that it might be a way to bring Sunny's heart back. They decide to all journey together toward Yuusari to go to the Bee Hive.


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