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Sinner's Bread and Gun Shop

It is originally a weapon shop runned by Jacob's father. But when Jacob took ownership and got married, his wife had the place also become a bakery shop. The gun shop side help with selling and maintain guns of Letter Bees. While the bakery side help sell bread and pastries to the citizens of Yuusari & visitors from outside.

Baked Products

1. Loaf Bread

2. French Bread

3. Crescent Bread

4. Bagel

5. Buns


1. Gauche Suede

2. Zazie Winters

3. Lag Seeing

4. Niche

5. Connor Kluff

6. Hazel Valentine (manga)

7. Caribs Garrard (manga)


1. "Sinner" means a person who commit sins by breaking the commandments of God.

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