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Male  Male

Hair Color


Professional Status

Gatekeeper at the Kyrie Gate of the Bifrost Bridge

Base of Operations

Bifrost Bridge

Personal Status



Signales (Triplet Brother)
Seine (Triplet Brother)

Anime Debut

Episode 6


Kazuhiro Oguro

Signal is one of the supporting characters in the Tegami Bachi series and the gatekeeper of Bifrost Bridge.


Signal is almost identical to one of his triplets, Signales. However, Signal's right eye is bandaged with a left eye covered in a red bruise. While his brother Signales' left eye is bandaged with a right eye covered in a red bruise. Both of his eyes are bruised, but only one of his eyes were bandaged while the other eye is left uncovered. Signal also wears a black cloak identical to his brother's.


On Day of the Flicker, Signal (then known as Camus) and his triplet siblings were causulties of of the accident that caused the bimp to crash. The accident caused them to lose their eyesight and almost lose their youngest brother, Seine. (Seine died in the anime.) Signal discarded his old name and was given the occupation as the gatekeeper of Bifrost Bridge as compensation for the events that had occured, but this event caused Signal and his siblings to hate the government and join Reverse in the future.   


Signal is the gatekeeper at the Kyrie Gate of the Bifrost Bridge. Signales guards the Yuusari Gate of the Bifrost Bridge. Signal smokes a pipe and uses it to "confirm the identity" of whoever wants to cross the bridge. Signales uses the same method. In the anime, Signal and Signales both supported Reverse. However, before the final plan to strengthen Cabernet was carried out, they betrayed Lawrence and saved the rest of "the ones who couldn't become spirit."


Both Signal and Signales have a pipe with infused powers of their Spirit Ambers that somehow allows them to see and can also tell if a person's identity matches the identity of their crossing permit. Signal was able to tell that Nelli took Lag's crossing permit, which is made possible by the smoke from their special quartz-made pipe's tobacco, that will authenticate the transit.

Signal has a huge lizard named Alonji as a partner, which he uses as a form of security to prevent unauthorized transit, e.g if a person tries to cross by using a fake ID or someone else's ID. Signales having a dingo is still considered unknown.

Sein can know all of the identity of someone by using the Spirit Amber embedded in his body (which act like his heart, keeping him alive. He can see all of someone memory's like the memory's of Carlibus Garrard at Chapter 52: The Kagerou Region).