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Shaz is a character who appeared in The Dead Letter Office. She only appears in the manga.


Five years before the series, Shaz fell in love with a young stone artisian named Philippe Laonis.However, her parents had plans for her to marry into a wealthy family. Although Shaz did love Philippe, she married a man she did not love to please her parents, and was a dutiful wife despite her husban cheating on her and became friends with a young servant named Thelma. It was around that time that Shaz began to write letters to Philippe with a single sentence. "I want to see you." However, her husband, in an act of anger, pushed Shaz down the stairs, causing the young woman to becaome injured and bedridden. Shaz askes Thelma, who was by her side, to burn the letters if she died. Thelma suggests that she mail them instead as Shaz presumably dies. Shaz later appears beside Thelma after her ex-husband and mothter are arrested. As Lag Seeing tells Philippe that her marriage to Walter Scarr will be annuled, Shaz stares lovingly at the man she loves, prompting a happy reunion for the couple.  

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