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Reverse, the anti-Amberian Organization:

Reverse(リバース Ribāsu?) is the antagonist organization in Tegami Bachi designed to plot out or destroy Amberground's artificial sun by any means necessary. Their leader is a mysterious man known as Lawrence. Their main tactic is to steal letters from Letter Bees and use them to lure the flying Gaichuu known as "Cabernet" to eat the heart in letters (and many times, people's heart) to attack the capital, Akatsuki.

"Reverse is an organization created for the purpose of striking down the Amberground Government, which continues to prey on people's hearts, created for the purpose of saving the world."

~ Lawrence, of Reverse ~


There are many supporters of Reverse, the majority being the human sacrifices they offer to the Gaichuu Cabernet. The organization fools many groups of people into their twisted cult, and believe that by sacrificing themselves, they can "save the world". They also hire mercenaries to deal with Letter Bees and steal their letters. The majority of the time, the mercenaries guard the Gaichuu Cabernet from Letter Bees, often wearing black cloaks and holding guns. The important characters in Reverse are the Mauraders, for being much more skilled than their mercenary counterparts. There are 4 Mauraders that are known, and they call themselves "Ones who couldn't become Spirit".

Mauraders(略奪者 Ryakudatsusha?)

This small band of Reverse is the most important, being able to do the tasks the regular mercenaries could not. There are 4 Mauraders that are known (both anime and manga) and they consider themselves to be "One who could not become Spirit". Their names are Noir, Roda, Zeal, and Mie. Each of them claim to have no remembrance of their life before "being experimented on by the Government". Aside from that, Mauraders have special abilities in addition to their grafted transmutation (excluding Noir) and are very similar to the animal they were supposedly infused with.

Lawrence with his Marauders.

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