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Reverend Weller

He is a man that lives in Silencio. He met Lag & Niche during their delivery to Elena Blanc. He was also responsible for burying Elena Blanc when she died from falling from the cliffs.


He is a gentle & has hospitality. He is kind enough to give Lag & Niche a place to stay during the rain. He is also well knowledged about things like knowing about Darwin's age & conditions. He also very respective, as he buried Elena Blanc at the cliffs when she died & gave her a grave.


I. Pre - History

He lived in Silencio all his life. One day, he found out that someone has died at the cliffs near his hometown. He finds out that the person was Elena Blanc, a Letter Bee. He was uncertain why she was there, since the place was dangerous do to slippery terrain & landslide occurances. There was even a safer route out of Silencio. As he took her body, he found & kept a letter that was found in her clothes. He buried her body at a cliffs (where she died) at edge of a cliff which was safe from the landslides. It had a good view, and can be only accessed by a cave. After that, he continued his life, as he stilled remembered that deceased Letter Bee & kept her letter.

II. Season One

Reverend Weller 1

Reverend Weller serving Lag & Niche warm milk.

Many years later, Lag & Niche came to his house. On the way of their delivery, their guide Darwin (a dog) collapsed. So they needed help with aiding him. So Reverend took them in his house & bandaged all of Darwin's wounds. Since Lag & Niche got wet during their delivery because it was raining, Reverend took their clothes (Lag's uniform & Niche's outer shirt) and dried them by hanging them near the fire place. As it dried, he served them warm milk as they warm by the fire place. As they warm up, Reverend noticed that Lag's uniform was those of a Letter Bee. When he asked if Lag was really a Letter Bee, he replied 'yes' to him. When Lag answered, Reverend began remembering about the incident with the other Letter Bee, Elena Blanc. He told Lag about it & question why she was going through that dangerous path instead of the safer one. And when Lag heard the name of that Letter Bee, he was shocked because Elena was the person his headmaster (Largo Lloyd) wanted him to deliver to. As he began to learn more, he learned that Elena was buried at
Reverend Weller 2

Lag trying to tell Darwin to wait here & rest while he and Niche finish the delivery themselves.

the cliffs were she died. He decided to go there without Darwin since he isn't in go condition. But suddenly, Darwin gain consciousness & tried to go to where Elena was buried. Lag tried to kindly ask him to rest & wait for him instead, but his actions were similar to Elena's actions before she left him to wait & never returned (since she died during her delivery). As a result, Darwin instead become persistent & continued to go to Elena despite his conditions. Lag couldn't stop him, nor does he understand yet why Darwin is acting like this. So Lag, Niche, & Darwin left Reverend's house to go to the cliffs. Much later, Lag & Niche returned back to Reverend's house. But Darwin was no where to be seen. Lag told Reverend that Darwin finally died peacefully at Elena's grave from his old age. He further said that Darwin turn out to be Elena's dingo. He told that Darwin was told by Elena to wait for her at the Yuusari Bridge (since Darwin
Reverend Weller 3

Reverend handing over Elena's letter to Lag.

needed to recover from his injuries) until she comes back. But she died during the delivery because she fell down from the cliff. And the reason behind this was because she was attacked by a Gaichuu hiding in the cliffs (the same one that attack Lag, Niche, & Darwin on their way to Elena's grave). He also added that Darwin continued to wait for her, even despite the fact the Largo Lloyd told him the sad turth (until he came with Lag to meet Elena). When he finish explaining everything about the events at the cliffs & the events connecting Darwin and Elena, Reverend remembered that Elena had a letter with her when she died. He couldn't send it because it only had the name of the receiver (without an address). He asked Lag to look at the name & asked if he knew who that receiver was. To Lag surprise, it was his headmaster (and client of the delivery to Elena Blanc) Largo Lloyd! So Reverend gave Lag the letter & Lag left to delivery it to Largo Lloyd. The delivery for Largo Lloyd turned out to be a new pendent of the Holy Mother for him. Back then, Elena accidently losed his original pendent at Olympia River. So she went to buy him a new one at Selca since it the only place to buy one (despite Largo telling her it wasn't necessary). She died returning from Selca right after buying it for him. He remembered that the day Elena promised to buy him a new pendent for losing his original one, was the last time he saw her alive. Then, Lag asked Largo Lloyd if Elena was really a Letter Bee & Darwin was really her dingo. Largo replied yes, saying that they were a perfect & great team of a Letter Bee & Dingo.


1. Reverend is a word ('manner of addressing' kind) used as a prefix to the names of Christians clergy & ministers.

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