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Rei Attlee

Rei Attlee is a young woman who was childhood friends with Kimidori, and who came to live in Central Yuusari after The Day of Flicker.


Young Rei

Young Rei gives Kimidori one of her hairclips to remember their friendship.

Shortly after Day of Flicker, a young Rei Attlee met Kimidori for the first time. The two became fast friends despite their short time together, and Rei gave Kimidori one of her hairclips as a reminder of their friendship before she left for Central Yuusari. Her chronic lung illness she had as a child grew worse by the time the young woman reached adulthood, and regained the will to live once somenoe mailed her letters reminding her of her hometown, prompting her to request Lag Seeing to find the painter.


Rei first meets Lag Seeing at a request, and tells the letter bee about her hometown and of her illness that had plagued her since childhood. The letters she recieves helped her regain the will to live, and the young woman feverently askes the letter bee to find the person who saved her life. Lag's search turns out fruitless until the young man finds out that it was Kimidori who made the letters. Unfortunately, Calbasso overhears the entire conversation and tells Rei that she wa the one who drew the letters. Lag manages to reveal the truth through his heart bullet. After the event, Rei approaches Kimidori and thanks her for her friendship.


1. Rei in Portuguese means "prince", "king", or "ruler".

2. The last name, Attlee, comes from the word "Attlee" which is a British statesman and leader of the Labour Party who instituted the welfare state in Britain.

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