Raspberry Hill is the 7th overall chapter of Tegami Bachi Manga


Lag and Niche obtain the letter from Goods Collection, and receive instructions for Lag's Letter Bee Examination. Aria Link explains the exam Lag and McKay G.. Along with her are the ones providing the letters; Miruriru and Tsurukaru. The destination for their delivery is Raspberry Hill (place), to which, apparently has the appearance of raspberries.

Raspberry Hill is in Western Yuusari, which is gaichuu territory. The receiver of the letters is the same for both Lag and McKay: Mrs. Sorukaru Morris, Yuusari, Western Region 6217, Raspberry Hill 7319.

As the candidates journey, a gaichuu shows up on McKay G., which is Gaichuu Glen Keith—as identified by Zazie Winters and his dingo, Wasiolka. While Zazie complains of being the examiner, McKay G. cannot defeat the gaichuu. Soon, Lag comes to the rescue, able to hit it with Steak's help—as Lag uses his Akabari shindan attack.

While Lag was busy with Gaichuu Glen Keith, McKay G. had made his way to Mrs. Morris' house. When Lag arrived at her house with the letter, it was almost completely soaked, which made the woman very angry. She noted that McKay got there quickly with a perfectly fine letter for her. Zazie stepped in to replace Lag's letter with a copy so that she could comprehend it (as the letters were real letters that had to be delivered).

As Zazie noted that McKay's letter was perfect, despite being beaten around by the gaichuu, he asked Lag to shoot it with his shindan to see the truth (as Zazie got the memorandum that Lag is able to see the "heart" within objects). When Lag shot it, memories came back of McKay's letter was highly damaged and almost incomprehensible—to which, he was able to forge it into a new letter so it could be delivered problem-free.

Soon, Zazie threatens McKay G. to leave. After that, Lag and friends with Zazie travel back to the Bee Hive, with Zazie assuring Lag of his possibility to pass as the final decision was up to the director and other staff. Zazie congratulated him for nearly breaking records, especially of the "former Bee" Gauche Suede. This brought immediate astonishment to Lag as he was unaware that Gauche was no longer a Bee.


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