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         "Pistis, I'll become an outstanding scholar. Then on your birthday... I'll turn your garden into a flowerbed just for you. And then... Would you... then...?"

                                                                                                                          - Promesa's Promise to Pistis

Promesa Prometas

He is one of Lag's clients. He's been researching flowers for Ms. Pistis, his love.


He tends to be easily afflicted by emotions. He easily worries & think of the bad side of things. He has problems with confidence & lacks proper enthusiasm. Whoever, he can be kind & work up the courage during certain situations despite him easily having regrets & thinking of the possibilities of a bad outcome. He also sometimes reckless & clumsy.


I. Pre - History (5 Years Ago)

Promesa gave her a pretty flower for her birthday. Then he promised Pistis that before they would get married, he would become an outstanding scholar & when it was her birthday, he would fill her garden with flowers. However, it took him 5 years to finish being a scholar in Yuusari & obtaining special flower seeds that would grow when exposed to air.

II. Season One

Because he hadn't came back to her for 5 years, he was too worried that she would hate him for not coming back & fulfilling his promise to her for so long. So, he decided to send her a letter with the special flower seeds & the message asking if she was still waiting for him. But the next day, he began regretting about sending the letter because he thought that she would have forgotten him & would spread the seeds in her flowerbed. So he came to get the letter back, but Lag & Niche already got it & was heading to Pistis' home. So he went after Lag & found him the next day. He explained everything, but Lag found out that the letter went missing. Th

Promesa 2

Promesa regretting.

en, when Promesa learned of their encounter with Garradd, he started to figure out that Garradd was planning to use that letter to get Pistis' land. So he went after him with Lag & Niche behind him. When they got there, Promesa got injured while trying to get the letter. Niche was able to get it back, but cut it during the event. Pistis was angry that Promesa hadn't came back for so long, but Lag drag him because he wanted to show her Promesa's feelings. But before Lag could do that, they all saw flowers everywhere, & Promesa realized that it was the result of his flower seeds for Pistis. Then, Pistis explained that today was her birthday & was crying about Promesa being an idiot for being gone so long just to fulfill his side of the promise. So she joyfully keep her side of the promise & accepted his proposal of marrage with Lag and Niche watching with happily.


1. His first name, Promesa, & his last name, Prometas, both mean "promise" in Spanish.

2. His name was based on the name of the episode & storyline.

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