Potpourri of Memories is the 21st overall episode of Tegami Bachi


Lag, Zazie, Connor and their dingos pay a visit to a new relaxation lounge that Dr. Thunderland helped set up. Inside, they are greeted by the lounge's caretaker, Mana Jones, who tells Lag how Gauche and the doctor helped her in her potpourri research.

One night, however, Mana fell asleep, and a fire was caused, which caused something to fall and left her blind. Thunderland learns from the Bioscience Advisory Panel that she voluntarily resigned after the incident. In frustration, he threatens to have her dissected. Gauche learns of the doctor's outburst and discovers that Thunderland is aware of Mana's potential and concerned about her future.

Letter Bee Ep. 21
Soon, Thunderland looks for rare helenseed that will help in her research, and has a bottle delivered by Gauche, which touches her. During the panel's decision to terminate Mana's contract, Mana appears with Gauche to request to continue her research as part of the panel of researchers. However the panel still decides to terminate her services. Seeing Mana's determination, the panel chairman challenges her and Thunderland to complete her research within a week to prove her results, otherwise she will have to leave.


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