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         "Promesa, you... Because of that promise, you have always been... You truly are silly."

                                                                                                                               - Pistis to Promesa

Pistis Falcett

She is the love of Promesa Prometas. She is the receiver of his letter in episode 13. She lives in a house within the land she owns. 


She can be fierce & high tempered at times when angry. But she tends to act tough & cold-hearted to hide her true feelings. She also has feelings for Promesa & is truth affected by his leave to fulfill his promise to her.


I. Pre - History (5 Years Ago)

Five years ago on her birthday, Promesa gave her a flower as a present. Then he promised to her before they get married, he'll become an outstanding scholar & fill her flowerbed with flowers in her birthday. However, it had been five years since he went to Yuusari & still haven't returned.

II. Season One

The day before her birthday, Garradd & his assitance is trying to convince her to marry him. But she knows he is still doing this to get her land, and she refused his offer again. When the two refuse to leave, she began throwing
Pistis 1

Pistis thinking about her & Promesa's promise.

her stuff at them & forced them to leave. Grandia came after seeing what happened and complained about her attitude, which Pistis appeared embarrassed that Grandia saw it. Then, when they were having tea, Grandia asked Pistis about what happened; & when she learned about it, she asked if the reason why was because of Promesa. But Pistis refused to admit it. Then the next day, Garradd & his assistance came again. This time they are blackmailing her to give her land to them or they'll burn the letter Promesa wrote to her (which they stole from Lag). But Promesa, Lag, & Niche came and got the letter back from them (which Niche chase them away), but Niche cut the letter during the event. After Pistis treated Promesa's injure from during the event, she was angry & sad that he didn't come back for 5 years; then she ran out the house. But she & the others saw the flowerbed was filled with flowers. Then Promesa was relieved & happy
Pistis 2

Promesa & Pistis in the flowerbed, now filled with Promesa's flowers to her.

 that the seeds from the letter worked and grow rapidly & that it reached in time. When Lag asked about today, Pistis answered that it was her birthday. She then said how stupid Promesa was to him, but then said that now that he fulfilled he's promise, it was time for her to fulfill her promise. Then Promesa asked her to marry him, & she replied 'yes', as Lag & Niche watched happily. Sometime later, her land was filled with flowers & became a famous spot for weary travelers.


1.  Pistis, in Greek mythology, was the personification of good faith, trust and reliability.

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