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             "Come and see Lord Gisarl's fire juggling!"

                           - Lord Gisarl to the audience

Lord Gisarl

He is a Amberground street performer. Despite people thinking of him as another background character, he is more of a supporting character because of his multiple appearances and connections to Lag & Niche. He is normally founded at the fountain in the center of Yuusari; which is where he is founded performing, drinking, or sleeping after drinking.


He is cheerful and interesting when he is performing, but also a bit strict too if people aren't paying attention to his show during performance (like when he shouted at Niche to pay attention when she was talking to Lag about the delivery). He becomes lazy and sleepy after performance, after drinking alcohol. He also becomes too careless when he is still awake, but drunk, after drinking it.


Season One

He first appeared at the center of Yuusari, where the Yuusari Fountain is located. There, he was performing his fire-based performances in front of a crowd. Among that crowd, Niche & Steak were watching his performance while they & Lag were suppose to be in a delivery. Lag tried to tell them to first finish the delivery, but Lord Gisarl shouted at
Lord Gisarl 1

Niche watching Lord Gisarl's performance.

them, telling Niche to pay attention to his performance. So Niche ask Lag to go with them to deliver after the performances. Lag agreed & Niche went back to watching Lord Gisarl's performance; but Lag, thinking Niche wouldn't mind, went to do the deliver himself while she watches the performance. Later after the performance is over, Lord Gisarl is seen asleep & drunk from drinking alcohol while Niche and Steak looked around, wondering where Lag is. Lag returned and explained to her that he went & finished the delivery himself while she was watching, but Niche was shocked & angry that Lag broke his promise and went on a delivery without her. He made another appearance as a referee/announcer of the "speed delivery contest" between Letter Bee (Lag, Zazie, & Connor) and the unheard delivery group, Letter Pigeon (Rose, Brytt, & Mark). Despite the fact he was a bit drunk & still drinking from his bottle of alcohol, he still manage to properly act as the referee/announcer during
Lord Gisarl 5

Lord Gisarl announcing the two teams in the start of the race.

the start & end of the contest. He called the Letter Bee's team: "Rocking Pony Dancer" and called Letter Pigeon's team: "Rose the Speranza". Because of his job at this episode, he's appearances were at the beginning & end of the contest. However, he can't be able to keep an eye on both teams when their outside of Yuusari Central; since he can't catch up with both of them, he has to stay in Yuusari Central to announce who's the winner, and there's no machines that exist in this time which helps watch the events with the two teams. Because of this, he  (like everyone else) didn't know the events during the middle of the race like Letter Pigeon using tricks on Letter Bee, and the Gaichuu attack on both side. It also explains why he & everyone else was surprised when Lag & Rose cross the finish line together. But because of this struggle, everyone came to them & cheered on their perseverance.

Season Two

When Niche went missing in episode 2, Lag & Connor asked
Lord Gisarl 4

Lag & Connor asking Lord Gisarl about Niche.

Lord Gisarl if he had seen her (noted that he not fully familiar with Niche since he doesn't talk to her a lot despite her always watching his performances, and he doesn't know her name like Lag). But he told them that he hasn't seen her, so the two went to continue searching for her while Lord Gisarl remained at the Yuusari Fountain. Later, Lord Gisarl was drunk from drinking alcohol & was wandering around while thinking of a new performance since he wasn't getting enougn watchers. Then suddenly, Niche come jumping pass him & he saw her and saw that she wasn't wearing any underwear (since she remove it because she not that she didn't deserve to wear it after failing as Lag's dingo). He was too drunk & too surprised to
Lord Gisarl 3

Lag trying to save Lord Gisarl.

remember that fact that Lag & Connor were looking for her, but seeing Niche jumping around gave him the idea of his Rope Walking performance. Later everyone, including Lag's group & Niche with Sandra and Jacob, saw the dangerous stunt he was doing. Lag tried to pursued him, but led in vein. And then the rope snapped, & Lord Gisarl fell. Lag was able to save him, but was holding him with one hand while the other was barely holding to his scarf, which is tied to the roof above. Fortunately, Niche was able to come to her sense after that & save them.


  • Fire Juggling
Lord Gisarl 2

Lord Gisarl's "Rope Walking" performance.

  • Fire Breathing
  • Rope Walking / Tightrope


  • Despite claiming to be Amberground's number 1 street performer, he is the only known street performer in Letter Bee Season 1 & 2.
  • After finishing his performance, he is seen drinking or sleeping after drinking.

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