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Philippe Lanois is a character that appeared in The Dead Letter Office. He only appears in the manga.


At age of sixteen, Philippe fell in love with a young girl named Shaz. The girl loved him as well, but Shaz's parents had plans for her to marry into a wealthy family. Two years before the series, Philippe started getting letters from Shaz, but after reading the last letter, Phlilippe decided to not read the letters anymore and tried to forget Shaz and move on in his life for two years before he met Lag Seeing.  


Philippe Lanois makes his first appearance when Lag tries to deliver the 240 letters sent to him from The Dead Letter Office. The man refuses to take the letters despite Lag's protests and orders him to go back and leave. He later appears as the young letter bee sits in one of his stone chairs and gives him some food. Philippe still refuses to take the letters until Lag compares the contents of the letters to the artisian's chairs. The older man comments how different Lag is from the other letter bee that had come before, and opens up to him. Philippe tells him the story behind the letters and of Shaz, and tells Lag that he will keep the letters to his dying day if the boy tells Shaz not to send anymore letters to him. Philippe is enraged when Lag appears at his doorstep again wiht a letter in hand, but Lag shows him how Shaz poured her heart into the letters. Later Philippe aproaches Walter Scarr with Lag, and punches him in the face. The letter bee later states that the income the Scarr family had been depening on for months would be disolved. After the corrupt family is arrested, Phiippe tells the young letter bee that he will hold onto Shaz's letters and confesses that he should have manned up and asked Shaz to marry him despite his poverety. Upon reaching his home, Philippe is stunned to find Shaz alive and well along with Thelma. Lag tells him that Shaz was hidden away from the Scarr family for her safety, and the marriage would be subsequently annuled. Philippe tearfully declares that if Lag comes again to Belladonna, he would "feed him until he passes out."


1. His other translation name is Phillip Ranower.

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