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Nello Pepper was Nelli and Jiggy's younger brother.


Nello and his older sister Nelli were born in the town of Kyrie. Sometime they joined Jiggy's gang, and Nello idolized him. At some point in the past, Jiggy left a young Nello and Nelli to become a letter bee. Although Nello remained faithful to Jiggy, his sister Nelli was resented Jiggy for leaving them. At some point Nello became ill with an unknown illness, and wrote Jiggy a letter telling him to protect his sister a week before his death. (It was originally thought that Nello wrote to Jiggy begging him to come back.)
Nello's death

Nello shortly before his death.

Nello's death caused Nelli to hate Jiggy and letter bees in general, believing they sold their hearts to the government until Lag Seeing showed Nelli that Nello wrote to Jiggy to ask him to look after his older sister. This revelation causes Nelli to finally be at peace with Nello's death.