Neither Malice nor Hatred is the 44th overall episode of Tegami Bachi


Lag is trying to hit Lawrence with a shindan, but is unable to - which, Lawrence claims that Lag has a heart of hatred within just awaiting action. Lawrence only angers Lag by telling him that the government steals hearts, just like Gauche's or Anne Seeing's hearts. Lag becomes horrified and begins to step back as the Cabernet moves.

The Cabernet then grabs Jeel, to Zazie's surprise. Jeel's memories begin flashing back, as the Cabernet tries to begin its process of eating heart. Soon, Zazie is seen running after the Cabernet, and was able to shoot the "cocoon" that Jeel was trapped in off of the Cabernet, therefore, Jeel fell to the ground.

Meanwhile, Lawrence is seen chatting with the other marauders, saying that he wants rid of Lag, but that Lag would make a good marauder for him. Soon, Lag and Zazie are seen climbing up the cliff, and Jeel helps up Zazie saying he pays him back for saving him earlier, but then pushes Zazie off. Niche saves them from falling, and soon Zazie and Jeel fight again.

Jeel encourages Zazie not to bother shooting a shindan, because it is pointless, since they both have hatred in their hearts. However, Zazie shoots him anyway, and Jeel becomes overcome. Jeel recognizes it is sadness, to which, Zazie comments that he is sad that he has to shoot a friend and fight with him. Soon, Garrard shoots Jeel.

Lag then comes to the place where Noir and Lawrence are to try to shoot them. Noir fires a shot at him before the Gymnopedie starts pulsing with light. Lag removes it from his pocket, and aims it at Noir as a spirit amber charges in his eye. Then, he fires it in Noir, and it hits the Cabernet as well, causing it to fall down into the cliff and thrash about.


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