Memories of Three Hearts is the 15th overall chapter of Tegami Bachi Manga


Zazie has come to help Connor and Lag with Gaichuu Cidre. Zazie threatens a couple of townspeople that if they interfere with government delivery of letters, they will be treated as gaichuu are and terminated.

After hearing of Ann's father, who tried to deliver the bag of letters, who also was a man who had his heart eaten by the gaichuu. Zazie explains this type of gaichuu hides its weak spots underground while attacking. The three Letter Bees team up to take out Cidre. The bag of letters then falls underground along with Lag.

Soon, Cidre grabs Ann by gaichuu ropes, and begins consuming her heart. Hunt tries to stop the gaichuu before he is grabbed next. Zazie follows suit as he tries to help them, but is eventually grabbed by gaichuu ropes as well. Soon, Lag shoots Cidre and defeats the gaichuu, so then everyone is released and okay. Lag then sees memories of Gauche Suede and Roda as the chapter closes.


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