Meeting with Sylvette Suede (chapter) is the 8th overall chapter of Tegami Bachi Manga


Lag asks Zazie if it is true that Gauche Suede is no longer a Letter Bee. Zazie explained simply that his name was deleted from the Bee Roster. After arguing a bit, and Lag becoming emotional—they arrive at Sylvette Suede's house. Connor apologizes for not speaking up sooner about Gauche.

Once Lag, Niche, and Steak go into Sylvette's house, Connor explained to Zazie why Lag is so hung up on Gauche. Connor knew it would dishearten Lag; therefore, Connor did not know how to approach telling Lag.

As Lag and friends enter Sylvette's house, she soon storms in with her wheelchair and Gauche's shindanjuu, Nocturne Op. 20, and points it at them—thinking that they were bill collectors. After Lag is able to calm her down by crying out for Gauche and noting that she is holding his gun, she then recognizes Lag.

They begin sipping tea as the two of them discussed Gauche. Lag asks where Gauche is, to which, Sylvette points to the notice atop her fireplace mantle, "Notice of Dismissal." In this letter from the Bee Hive, he apparently failed to appear at work and had lost contact with the Bee Hive. Sylvette then stated that as soon as Gauche crossed over into Akatsuki, he lost his heart, and then disappeared.

Sylvette then said that she had resolved that he was dead, and that she had given up hope a while back. She then asked Lag to leave and never return. Soon, Lag and Niche leave, and after a few words in the carriage, Lag begins rushing back to Sylvette's house.


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