Meeting with Sylvette Suede is the 8th overall episode of Tegami Bachi


Lag is upset to learn that Gauche had a breakdown due to the stress of work, according to Zazie. Connor rides Lag to Sylvette's house, where he has an awkward encounter with Sylvette as she mistakes Lag for a debt collector.

Upon seeing Gauche's shindanjuu upon Sylvette's person, Lag initially thought Gauche was there; however, Sylvette tells him that her brother never came back home after he was continually absent from his duties in Akatsuki, and then later fired from his job as a Bee.

She remembers the day that Aria Link personally dropped off his termination notice. Sylvette resolved to think her brother was dead, and then she tells Lag to never come back to her place. Later, Lag rushes back to Sylvette's place, promising to search for Gauche and restore her hopes.