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            "Joey, let me give you some advice. Letters were meant to be written by your own words, even if you lack the confidence. However, thanks... ...and I'm sorry."

                             - Matilda to Joey

Matilda Rain

She is a pianist in Yuusari. She is well known to many living there.


She argues a lot with Belushi. But she can also have a good heart at times. Her personality changes between someone stubborn & tempered (when arguing with Belushi) and someone shy & nervous (like when she is meeting Joey for the first time). Despite her always arguing with Belushi, she gained feelings for him as well (thanks to Lag, Niche, & surprising, Joey). The only problem is that she & Belushi always argue for many reasons regarding music & work, despite there feelings for each other.


I. Pre - History

3 Years Ago

Back then, she worked as an originality pianist at a pub (a place where adults drink beer & alcohol). One day, as

Matilda's first meeting with Belushi.

she played a song on the piano, Belushi came up to her & complained why she was playing the piano 'half-heartily'. She pointed out that the reason was because nobody even bother paying attention to her music. But Belushi said back that only those who play 'whole-heartily' can say that. So he told her to play a song that would turn everyone's head towards her. Then, she played on the piano with all her passion & everyone in the pub paid only attention to her and her music. After that, Belushi promised her that he would make her the best pianist in all of Yuusari. As time pass, the two didn't hold back in work, but they resently began quarreling about work.

Half A Year Ago

Then one day, she received letters from Joey, who claims to be her fan. The letters he sent seem to encourage her when she is down or sad. Because of this, she began to admire him, but she doesn't know who he is.

II. Season One

One day, Lag came to deliver a fan letter to Matilda. At first, she denied it because she thought it was from another disgusting fan (again). But when he explained that it was from Joey, she suddenly changed her behavior & took the letter happily. She closed the door with Lag still there & went to read her letter. She loved the poetic writing of the letter; but after reading it, Lag (who was still at the door) called out saying that she hasn't signed for the acceptance yet. Embarrassingly, she open the door, said sorry for not signing yet, & then signed it. She told him & Niche that Joey's letters always cheer her up when she is down & the letters' content prove that the writer understands her music. She then said that based on that, she thought that Joey must be an intelligent person (but Lag & Niche thought differently because of their encounter with Joey, himself, earlier). Then as they talked about it inside, Belushi came in. Lag & Niche were shocked by his strong stench of beer. Matilda introduced Belushi to them & then complained to him about knocking the door before entering. Belushi then change the topic by asking if she's done making her next song. She said that its still not finished, but she needs time to properly finish it. Then Belushi argued that she's taking to long just to finish it. As the two argued Lag went out of the house, saying that he'll be leaving since his done with his work. But Matilda suddenly went after them, asking if they could tell her where Joey lives. But Lag refuses since he has no acknowledgement nor permission to do so (since Joey said he just someone supporting Matilda from the shadows). Then, Matilda then ask him instead to deliver her a letter to Joey himself (it says that she wants to met & thank him in person). Lag accepted it & went to deliver it to Joey. After some time, he returned with a letter from Joey for her. It said he invites her to tea next Sunday. She was so shy, yet so happy about it. As she was happy & worried about it, Niche ask Lag why is she smiling despite being troubled. Lag explained that she just covering her shyness by saying that. Niche asked what it meant, and Lag further explained that she is happy yet embarrassed in the same time. Then suddenly, Matilda asked them if they could come with her to meet Joey in person next Sunday. Then on that day, Lag asked her why she asked them to come with her to meet Joey. She explained that she isn't good being with strangers, so she asked them to be with her for awhile. But Lag ask then why she talk normally with Belushi. She explained that he was a colleague. She explained about him & the day she first met him. After explaining everything from that day till now, Lag asked why they have been only quarreling lately. She said that those 'adult matters' aren't importanor necessary to explained (since they are mostly about work). Then Joey finally arrives. When he introduced himself to Matilda, she suddenly greeted him shyly (with Lag saying that her character changed). After some time from that day, Joey suddenly proposed to her, she was shocked & unsure what to answer. So Joey gave her time to think. After that, she went to the pub to look for Belushi. After finding him with Lag & Niche there, she explained about Joey proposing to her. They were all suprised by what she said. The next day, Matilda was shocked when Belushi quit being her manager. He explained that he found another pianist. But Matilda asked what would she do if he leaves. But Belushi says that she has someone who wants to marry her (Joey), and he he'll just have to be her manager for him. He then leaves the house. Later on, Lag & Niche came to her house and delivered her new album to her from Belushi before he left. She told them that it was so like Belushi to leave without saying good-bye. As she played & listened to her new album, she began calling Belushi irresponsible for leaving her after working together for so long. As she listens to the record, Lag suddenly got an idea (it was to show her Belushi's true feelings by shooting his shindan at the record album). He told Matilda to put the record back in its case, saying that maybe that the record wasn't for her (not his best plan). She said that it has to be hers since Belushi told him to give it to her. Lag explains (unconfidently) that he is actually unsure if Belushi did say it was for her. But Matilda asked then who could it possibly be other then her. Lag say he'll determine it by shooting his shindan on it. After he did, the record revealed the truth about Belushi writing the fan letters for Joey to her with his own feelings. Lag explained further about Belushi only being able to show his true feelings through writing those letters. Sh thought Belushi was a idiot for doing this & went after him. But when she open the door, she saw Joey with a bonque of roses for her. But then, she told him an advice of writing the letters himself instead of having someone else do it. She then thank him & continued to go after Belushi with Lag & Niche (as Joey suprisingly smiled, as if he knew this would happen). As she stopped to catch her breath, she told Lag how stupid she was to not relieved how precise Belushi was to her until it was too late. But then, Niche shouted & pointed in front of them, showing Belushi walking. When he noticed them, he panic & hid behind an alley (but everyone already saw him). When he knew it didn't work, he went out from hiding. When Lag asked why he still in Yuusari, he explained that he got on the wrong carriage, so he had no choice but to return. But when he looked at Lag smiling, he imidiately found out that he told Matilda about him with the fan letters. Before he could finish saying "You fool!", Matilda told him not to leave her. She asked if what he said about making her the best pianist in Yuusari was a lie, he answer no & said how could he leave her since he's her partner. Both of them hugged. Then Belushi said they'll start working on her next album. But Matilda complained why he is ruining the romantic moment. Soon, they starting arguing again as they walk away from Lag & Niche.


1. One of Matilda's fans happens to be Sylvette Suede.

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