Maka and Human is the 24th overall chapter of Tegami Bachi Manga


This woman questions Niche on her forgotten memory. After a hasty reunion, and somewhat hostile, Niche's sister tells them that the Maka lost the ability to converse with humans and they have no interest to do so. The mayor and townspeople apologize and plead for forgiveness from Maka.

Then, she corrects Lag on the townspeople's story... Celica was actually forced to enter the cave to become a sacrifice for the Maka when the lack of warmth persisted, which was caused by the mining of spirit amber in the region. Celica begged the Maka to at least let her unborn child live.

For the first time, the Maka shed a tear for a human, and the tear blessed Celica. After Celica gave birth to the twins and died, the town declared them to be cursed and kept them isolated with only water as sustenance. Eventually, the town feared the existence of the twins would bring shame to them all; therefore, the mayor's ancestor threw the children into the frozen lake.

Niche's sister attacks Lag and the townspeople; however, Niche defends them. Confused and angry, Niche's sister is shot by Lag with his shindan, revealing the time he first met Niche and their friendship.


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