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Tegami Bachi is the story of a young boy in a world called Amberground. The boy's name is Lag Seeing, and he dreams of becoming a Letter Bee because of Gauche Suede.
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Tegami Bachi Chapter 66


Tegami Bachi 66 : A Storm On The Hill

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She is relatively short with light blue eyes. She is flat-chested, a fact she is aware of and wishes to change. Her most obvious feature is her long golden hair, which is as long as she is tall. She usually wears a purple (pink in the anime.) dress with oven-mitt-like sleeves to cover her bear-like claws and a pair of boxers (from Lag). She also wears pink sports boots. She always carries Steak on her head. After having a great surge of emotion for thinking she failed as a dingo when she saw Lag was nearly dead, her appearance grew from a child to a teenager.

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  1. Letter Bee was replayed again. and now, animax already replayed the second season.
May 2012

  1. Tegami Bachi (Letter Bee) anime (Season 1) is currently airing on Animax.
  2. Tegami Bachi (Letter Bee) is now open ! Tegami bachi answers. Just click Here !
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