Light of Heart is the 50th overall episode of Tegami Bachi


Lag is seen attempting to awaken the knocked-out Noir, to which, Noir begins feeling better. He reminds Lag of the purpose to take down the Cabernet and that he will not quit. Noir does not want the Cabernet taking out the Capital, because that's where Anne Seeing is, the one whom Lag wants to see. Noir then passes out again from exhaustion.

Soon, Lag thinks of a contingency plan, and asks Niche's sister to transport him using Maka. Lag is then seeing going into light mode. Lag holds up both shindanjuus, Nocturne Op. 20 and Gymnopedie to the Cabernet. Lag shoots using both shindanjuus, and the Cabernet completely explodes. After this, Lag passes out from exhaustion.

Later, Lag wakes up from exhaustion; to be greeted by Sylvette, Niche, and Noir. Then, Noir tells Lag that he plans to go live with his family, the Ones Unable to Become Spirit, who have found a place in Blue Notes Blues. He claims his new path in life is because of Lag, and so they hug goodbye.

Many things were featured as a part of finishing up, since this is the last episode of season 2, with no promise of further episodes (yet). Here were some of the final features:


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