Letter to Jiggy Pepper - Part 3 is the 5th overall chapter of Tegami Bachi Manga


Lag and Nelli are talking about Nello still, and Lag wondered why that Nello's "heart" was revealed. Largo Lloyd explained to Lag that he is able to see the "heart" contained within objects. Nelli explained afterward that the church was built after Jiggy left town.

Soon, Nelli gives back Lag his crossing permit, while Largo is talking to Signal about how remarkable Lag is. Meanwhile, Lag is seen taking off for the church, wondering if it is true that Lag can see the heart within objects, and that maybe he can see if any memories of Jiggy Pepper will show up if he shoots a shindan inside of the church or at the church.

Nelli is curious to what Lag is doing, to which, Lag shoots at something random hoping to reveal Jiggy's heart. Instead, it doesn't work, until Nelli tells Lag that Jiggy was involved in the construction of the bell. Lag decides to shoot the bell, which shows memories of Jiggy: How he was ridiculed for constructing the bell, what he went through in helping them understand what the bell is for (such as being a symbol for the stars), and being able to set off to become a Letter Bee.

After the memory concluded, Lag was seen collapsed, while Nelli believes that he would make a remarkable Letter Bee—as she has changed her position on trusting Letter Bees, because of the "imprint" Lag has made upon her.


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