Letter to Jiggy Pepper - Part 2 is the 4th overall chapter of Tegami Bachi Manga


The townspeople are seen still rioting about Lag's crossing permit. Niche arrives to help, and then Nelli recovers the permit and runs away. Largo Lloyd overhears Lag talking to Niche about being a Letter Bee, having a Dingo, etc. He thinks Lag to be impressive, especially having tames the child of Maka.


Nello Pepper

Soon, a flashback is seen of Nelli and her little brother, Nello writing to his big brother, and also when he died from his illness. Nelli soon arrives at Bifrost Bridge; however, she is not allowed to cross, because Signal, the gatekeeper, has verified that she is not Lag Seeing even though she asserts she is.

Signal states that the government knows everything about the people who cross the bridge(s), and that he verifies it with the smoke of his pipe. Soon, Nelli is attacked by the presumed Dingo Alonji, until Niche saves her and starts fighting it.

While Niche fought Alonji, Lag was busy trying to rescue Nello's letter for Nelli, and used his shindan, Akabari, to obtain it. Soon, memories are released from this encounter. Lastly, Jiggy Pepper is seen being greeted by his dingo, Harry.


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