Letter to Jiggy Pepper - Part 1 is the 3rd overall chapter of Tegami Bachi Manga


Niche shows Lag something he pointed out that was on her head. She calls this creature, whose mouth appears to be most of his body, "Steak." Niche answered to why his name is such, "'Cause he'd taste bad if you didn't cook him." Lag and Niche are shown on their journey past Rent Town to Kyrie. which is the last town before Bifrost Bridge before Yuusari.

Soon, a kid catches up to Moc Sullivan, presumably, and asks him to deliver a letter to Jiggy Pepper, to which, he said it had inadequate postage. It was written by Nelli's little brother. Nelli then sits by the roadside, as Lag and Niche are passing by. They ask Nelli what time it is, and Nelli answers them. Nelli also overhears they are going to be crossing the bridge to Yuusari, and therefore, Nelli tries to help them get to an inn to bunk for the night.

This inn is expensive, and is known as The Cold Case Hotel. There, they meet a man who asks Lag where he is from. With the man was Harry, to which, he explains as a bird of prey lent to him by a good friend worried about him traveling alone. Soon, he mentions he wants to buy Niche; therefore, Lag and Niche make an escape.

Lag worries where Nelli is, and the man they met said that kid took off with it and that Nelli can be found in the church. The church mentioned appears to be where Nelli lived, and once lived there with Nello. The man thinks Lag is stupendous as he is heading out to look for Nelli. Soon, Niche is seen trying to fry Steak.

Lag catches up with Nelli, who now is known as "Lag Seeing" as Nelli has stolen Lag's identity. After arguing with Lag, Nelli explains that her brother, Nello's letter, has been undelivered for 2 years, and cannot be delivered due to their high postage fees. Nelli proceeds to call Letter Bees 'those who sell their hearts to the government'—and then makes a big deal about it in town, causing an riot.

Meanwhile, the man back at the inn realized Niche is the Maka girl, and sends a message on Harry to give to Jiggy for goods collection request (as Harry is Jiggy's Dingo): "Express Delivery: Goods Collection Request. Kyrie 4400." Largo Lloyd. This man, Largo Lloyd then, has asked for a collection for this "maka girl." Shortly, we see that Nelli has been attacked, and Lag's crossing permit has been stolen, and Nelli has collapsed.


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