Letter to Jiggy Pepper is the 6th overall episode of Tegami Bachi


Nelli Pepper tries to cross the Bifrost Bridge; however, she realizes the bridge is not there. Signal, the gatekeeper of the bridge, identifies her as a trespasser attempting to bluff her way in and summons a frog-like creature to dispose of her.

Soon, Niche arrives to pin down the monster, while Lag risks his life to grab Nelli's letter. He shoots a shindan from his hand and obtains the letter, in the process revealing the heart of Nello Pepper. Nelli witnesses Nello convincing Jiggy Pepper to go and pursue his dreams of being a Letter Bee, and therefore, he promises to become stronger in order to protect his sister someday.

The letter was meant for Nero to apologize to Jiggy for his unfulfilled promise, and asks Jiggy to take care of Nelli. Largo Lloyd appears and explains his theory of Lag's ability with his spirit amber: to peer into one's heart.

Unsure about the information of the letter and Nelli's concern, Lag fires a shindan at the church bell, revealing to Nelli that Jiggy funded the building of the church in town in order to instill hope for his siblings and the townspeople. Her faith in Letter Bees restored, Nelli decides to mail the letter to Jiggy herself, and bids goodbye to Lag's group.