Letter Pigeon is the 18th overall episode of Tegami Bachi


A match between the Letter Bees and a relatively unknown delivery service called the Letter Pigeons is underway in Yuusari. Lag is earlier given a challenge by Rose, the leader of the Pigeons, to determine who's the fastest postmen in the region. Rose wants to find out if people other than Letter Bees can do the job, if not better.

Soon, Largo Lloyd sets the rules of the match, with both teams picking up their letter and delivering at the finishing point in the Bee Hive. However, Letter Bees are not allowed to bring their Dingo. When the match begins, The Pigeons keep using dirty tricks to force the Bees off their path.

Arriving to the pickup point after the Pigeons have gone, the Letter Bees receive their letter from the orphanage matron and learns that the area they are in are never visited by Bees. Although the Pigeons have a big lead, they are soon attacked by a gaichuu, which destroys their transport. While the Pigeons run for their lives, Zazie destroys the gaichuu.

However, the Pigeons persist in delivering their letter, with Rose as their only chance. Lag is sent off to the finish line while the rest deal with more gaichuus. After Rose is attacked by another gaichuu, Lag defeats it and witnesses her flashbacks. It turns out that she is friends with the orphanage, and decides to start up a delivery service for poor people whom don't have enough money to hire Letter Bees. Lag supports Rose all the way to the finish line. In the aftermath, Rose tells Lag that even though the Pigeons lost, they won't give up delivering letters. Lag is satisfied with this answer.


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