Lawrence's Ambition is the 46th overall episode of Tegami Bachi


Lag and Niche are on their way for battling the Cabernet. Meanwhile, Largo Lloyd is seen leaving the Bee Hive - to which, Aria tries to stop him. He doesn't disclose where he is going. Soon, Aria commissions Lag, Zazie, and Connor to find and attempt to defeat the Cabernet.

Reverse is seen having a meeting so that the Ones Unable to Become Spirit would be housed at the new Reverse hideout. Noir admits his heart is set on being Noir and stopping the Bees. Suddenly, Roda feels sick to her stomach, and her skin grows scaly. Soon, Lawrence hands Noir the key to Bifrost, which is the key used to bypass the Bifrost Gates.

Aria finds that there is a key missing from the key vault in the Master's Office at the Bee Hive. Once Noir proceeds to Bifrost, he takes Signal and Signales with him. The two brothers begin talking about Reverse's plans, which include their own abilities to communicate between hearts, but also that Reverse plans on using the Ones Unable to Become Spirit as feed for the Cabernet so that it can grow.

This causes Noir to grow very weary of being part of Reverse. Human sacrifices will be used, just as it were with the nuns of the old Reverse base, it would be the same with the Ones Unable to Become Spirit. Soon, the brothers pour into the human experiments that were being done by the government, which those that failed the experiment were the ones labeled the Ones Unable to Become Spirit. The government simply tosses aside those that it cannot use.

Lawrence's plan is the take down the artificial sun using the Cabernet. Noir takes Lawrence by the neck and asks him where the Ones Unable to Become Spirit are located. Lawrence becomes hostile and points the gun at Noir and starts firing at him while he dodges. Noir runs away and jumps in a lake.


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