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Lawrence Design


This man is the leader of a group called Reverse, and the primary antagonist of the series. Reverse's objective is to cause a "rebirth" of Amberground through eliminating the man-made sun. The agents who work for them are called Marauders, people who intercept Letter Bees and steal the letters for the heart contained within. Somehow, he was able to grab hold of Gauche Suede after he became unconscious due to unknown reasons. When Gauche woke up, Lawrence told him he was a Marauder and provided him with an assistant/partner(whom Gauche later named Roda). Gauche was given the alias of Noir, and started to claim Gauche Suede doesn't exist anymore. Lawrence is currently known to have 4 Mauraders under him, (Noir, Roda, Zeal, and Mie) and sends them off on missions to steal letters and he heart within. In the anime he sacrificed his enhanced 'heart' to empower the Gaichuu Cabernet in order to destroy the artificial sun.


"If this story is true. Then personally I'd be far more interested. In first findng out, exactly who are you, Largo Lloyd." Lawrence to Largo


  • Largo Lloyd has commented that Lawrence's plan to destroy the Artificial Sun was too shallow to have any lasting effect.
  • Romaji (Rōrensu).


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