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Lag Seeing

Anne Seeing

Anne Seeing is Lag's mother. She was taken to Akatsuki when Lag was 7. She has made very few appearances in the anime but Lag has remarked that she looks like the Empress.

Niche and Steak

One of the most notable relationships Lag possesses is that of with Niche and Steak; having found the former under a niche and named her after it, and the latter by concidence after Niche destroyed Love Someone Down, a freak circus that was supposed to recieve Niche as a delivery. Despite originally planning to deliver the girl, Lag and Niche develop a mutual attraction and care for each other, and Lag sought to get Niche back after delivering her, chasing her to Broccoli Forest after she escaped the circus, the two ending up in a feud with a Four Roses. They express their joy to see each other in the midst of the battle, and Niche agrees to become Lag's dingo after seeing his memories as he finished the Gaichuu off with a heart bullet. 

Niche has quoted Lag to be the first person to make her do things she had never done before, such as wearing underwear and licking other's wounds when they're hurt. Niche is hinted to have a degree of romantic affection towards Lag, as seen when she blushes when Lag expresses her beauty in the beginning, and in occasional times where Lag gives her praise. Niche is determined to do everything she can to do her best as Lag's dingo, and often persists that Lag should call her "Niche, my (Lag's) dingo" instead of Niche herself. She is sensitive towards her duties and honor as Lag's dingo and feels guilty when she is unable to do what she can for Lag, shown when she deemed herself a failure when she presumed was unable to defeat Roda and prevent him from being sad in "Underpants and Bread", the second episode of Letter Bee Reverse. Despite her loyalty to Lag, she can become annoyed when Lag does things she dislikes or finds him ignorant or inferior. At the beginning of Niche's relationship as his dingo, she has quoted that "Lag is weak while she is strong", and in the manga, when Lag finds his mother's letter empty, she reminds him of his ability to use his heart bullet to reveal his memories, saying that "she has to nanny him like a baby". Regardless, Niche stills holds a great deal of respect and care towards her master. She was willing to learn from Sylvette to treat a feverish Lag and even went so far to attempt to make her own (albeit poisonous and admittedly unrelative) medicine, and tried to find other ways to cure Lag and make him happy when she followed Sylvette to find a cure.

Lag is also presumably the only person that Niche has ever expressed emotions for; Niche's notable feelings of happiness, sadness and anger are all relative or because of Lag, and in the manga, Niche began to grow in a smilar way that her sister did when she tried to save Lag from a near-fatal attack from the Cabernet, caused by an abnormal outbreak of emotions.

While Niche may be weird, Lag is tolerant of Niche's occasionally odd tendecies that bring a comedic aspect to the story. Despite him being her master, Lag is protective of Niche as she is protective to him, a similar relationship that Noir and Roda share. Lag protects Niche from being killed by her twin sister, which resulted in her trusting Niche in Lag's care. 

While Lag possesses a strong bond with Niche, his relationship with Steak is relatively stale, as they no show particular notable care towards each other, and only cooperate when they fight Gaichuu. In the beginning, Steak was mildly hostile to Lag and only followed him due to the fact that Niche did, although such a unfamiliarly gradually diminished as they journeyed together. However, Steak was willing to let Niche cook him for Lag's sake, although Steak was possibly only following NIche's will. 

Gauche Suede


Lag bids farewell to Gauche in the anime.

The bond between Lag and Gauche is commonly emphasized in the series and manga, and they both share a long-lasting bond with each other. Lag was presumably Gauche's first friend after Aria and to an extent Jacob Gobeni, something that Sylvette had teased him about when they were young when she and Lag saw Gauche's memories in the Nocturne that was supposed to be passed down to him. Having met each other when he found him as a delivery package in Campbell Litus, Gauche was relatively cold to Lag at first, seeing him as merely a letter that was supposed to be sent and primarily focused on his job and hoping to refrain from all affairs with the boy. But As time passed, Gauche and Lag eventually overcame their differences and became good friends. Lag looks up to him and admires him a lot. Lag's main reason for becoming a Letter Bee was so that he could see Gauche and find his mother. To his dismay, Gauche was missing when he became a Letter Bee and he set new sights on finding Gauche. Gauche's compassion for Lag are evidenced by the fact that he left Lag his "Nocturne" Shindanjuu after recieving his new "Gymnopeide", and was glad to see Lag after recovering his heart. He also set off to rescue Lag from the Gaichuu Eberenn, and was able to defeat the Gaichuu using Lag's eye to fire Kurobari.

Aria Link

Aria served as Lag's superior officer in the story, a role that was emphasized more when both of them were demoted to the Cold Letter Division. They also share the common goal of bringing Gauche Suede back home.

Sylvette Suede

Not yummy

Lag and Niche after eating Sylvette's soup

Lag and Slyvette

Lag and Sylvette.

Lag and Sylvette have one of the most close relationships throughout the franchise; apart from her brother, Lag is presumably the closest and most intimate person she knows and associates with. Lag has quoted her to be "cute" when he first sees her in Gauche's memories at the beginning of the series; after learning of Gauche's disappearance, Lag vows to bring Gauche and Sylvette's happiness back.

The anime and manga has placed emphasis on Lag's concern towards Sylvette; in the twenty-second episode of Letter Bee Reverse, Lag said that he needed to "return Sylvette's smile' however he could, showing that Lag is rather concerned of Sylvette's well-being and feelings. One of the more comedic aspects is Lag's general dislike for her soup, which he is normally forced to bring to work to. However, Lag has shown to be open to having the soup when Gauche returns in episode fifteen. In chapter 81, Lag informs Sylvette that he would not come back due to his quest to destroy the Spiritus and save Ambergound; however, he notes that he never forgot the promise he made as he first came into Sylvette's life, vowing to return safely. When Zazie and Connor visit her (having received the same message), Zazie quotes that Lag wrote multiple lines of "Sylvette....." at the end, which Connor interpreted as "take care of Sylvette, she could be worried", and Aria and Dr.Thunderland join in and they have dinner together at the end.

Lag was formerly hinted to have a degree of romantic interest in Sylvette; this is shown when Lag mildly blushes when Sylvette lies on his shoulder in "Dolly", although Sylvette was merely tired and slept instead. Near the end of the manga, Lag, after his 358-day absence, confesses to Sylvette, who had lost her heart but is being taken care of, that he loved her; such feelings are those which she reciprocates as he releases her heart from the Spiritus, as her heart reconciled with her a brief moment before returning to her body. In previously said episode, Lag also protects Sylvette from the thief that attempted to steal the doll.

Mary Sabrina

Lag's aunt who lives in "Campbell Litus" and was trusted with Lag's care since he was delivered to her at the age of 7 by Gauche Suede, the letter bee. Mary Sabrina seems to be a second mother to Lag. Lag also met her to learn about the secerts of Lag's birth

Zazie Winters

While he was cruel to him at first, they eventually become good friends.

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