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He is one of the orphan children in the Yuusari Orphanage. He is the brother of Abelene.


He acts stubborn and sometimes annoying. He also dislike Letter Bees because they don't deliver their letters since he and the other orphans were poor. He, however, follows the orphanage nun.


Pre - History

Kyle and his sister, Abelene, lost their mother. Their father had to work abroad in order to pay for their financial
Abelene and Kyle 1

Abelene and Kyle meeting Rose and the other orphans.

problems after their town, which was once had the largest Spirit Amber Mines, had its mines ran out of Spirit Ambers. Kyle and Abelene had to stay in their home town and be taken cared of by the orphanage nun. Before he left, their father gave them a pigeon in a cage to use to deliver letters to him (as well as use to send letters back to them), since its to expensive for them to hire Letter Bees. Abelene named the pigeon "Speranza". Their father left and headed out to work abroad. Kyle and his sister then met the orphanage nun, along with Rose and the other orphaned people. Rose noticed the pigeon with Abelene and asked about it. Abelene explained that the pigeon's name was Speranza and that its job is to help her and her brother send letters to their father working abroad. Rose was happy because, unlike everyone else, Abelene and her brother had a father. They all soon began living their lives in the orphanage. Abelene also been using Speranza to send letters to her father and her father sending letters back to her. But one day, Speranza died. Abelene was so sad; because not only is her pigeon dead, but she can no longer send letters to her father. Kyle was also quite upset from this. Abelene told this to Rose; and because they can't afford to hire Letter Bees, she and Kyle can't send any letter to their dad. So Rose told the orphanage nun that she'll create a private delivery group independent from the government called "Letter Pigeon. She wants to be Abelene's "Speranza" and sent letters for her and the other forgotten people with the help with the other orphaned adults like Mark and Brytt. So from then, Letter Pigeon was formed. With the help from the orphanage and the orphaned people, they were able to created it and deliver letters to other people.

Season 1

Some time past since then. One day, Rose and her team made a "letter of challenge" for the Letter Bees. They plan on challenging them on a delivery race. Durin the race, they must start off from the Bee Hive; then head to Yuusari Orphanage (the one where Kyle and Abelene are staying) and get a letter from the orphan; then head back to the Bee Hive; and the team one succeed first will be the winner. The goal behind this so the Letter Pigeon can not only gain attention and earn clients for deliveries, but also to prove to the Letter Bees that they aren't the only once who can delivery letters for Amberground. Abelene and Kyle wrote their letters for the race (note that these are real letters, so the Bee Hive still need to send these letters to the receiver despite the letters being part of the race). Abelene will give her letter to Rose's team, Letter Pigeon, while Kyle will give his letter to the Letter Bee's team. After that, Kyle and the others sad good-bye to Rose and her team as they left for the Bee Hive. After a while, Rose and her team arrived back at the orphanage in their carriage to receive Abelene's letter, as part of the competition. After they got the letter, they hurriedly head back to the Bee Hive to win the race. Then Kyle,
Yuusari Orphanage 2

Lag and his team greeting Abelene and Kyle.

Abelene, and another orphan played outside near the orphanage while they waited for the Letter Bee's team. Soon, the Letter Bee's team finally arrived in their carriage. When Kyle and the others saw them, they hurriedly went back to the orphanage. The Letter Bees went to the front door of the orphanage and called for the people staying there. Kyle and Abelene opened the door and answered them. The Letter Bee's team members were Lag Seeing, Zazie, and Connor. Connor asked if the Letter Pigeons already arrived here and got there letter. Abelene replied yes. Zazie was angry because they were behind them in the race. Lag asked for their letter, but Kyle refused to give his letter to them. Zazie became angry again from Kyle's stubbornness. Then the orphanage nun came. She explained to Lag the reason why Kyle is acting this way. The town they lived in was once one of the busiest towns because of its Spirit Amber Mines. But one day, the mines ran out of Spirit Amber. With the main source of the town's economy gone, most of the citizens living there were forced to leave and live in other towns for money and a livelihood for their family. With most of the citizens gone, the only ones left were the poor people who can't afford to move somewhere else and the orphans who aren't able to leave. And since they all have little or no money, they can't hire Letter Bees to send their letters. So none of the orphans like Kyle and Abelene can send their letters to their love ones. That's why Kyle grew a dislike of Letter Bees. Lag was suprised about this because he didn't know there were places like this that can't hire Letter Bees. Zazie explained that this was no suprised since the town lack people to working and living there. However Connor reminded Lag that now
Yuusari Orphanage

Kyle stubbornly giving Lag and the other Letter Bees his letter.

they are here to deliver the letters of this town. Lag agreed and the orphanage nun asked Kyle to give Lag the letter. Kyle was suprised at first, but finally gave Lag his letter with annoyance. Lag then thank him. Lag then went with Connor and Zazie into the carriage and hurriedly went back into the race. Later that day, Kyle and the others learned that the two teams ended in a tie. However, Rose and her team accepted it as their lose. She said that not everyone can be a Letter Bee, but that would stop them from delivering letters. The two teams also became friendlier to each other.

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