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Kimidori is a tall young woman who was childhood friends with Rei Attlee who came to live in Central Yuusari later on to take care of her. With the help of Lag Seeing, Rei found out that the letters mailed to her came from her friend.


Young Rei

Young Rei gives Kimidori one of her hairclips to remember their friendship.

Shortly after The Day of Flicker, a young Kimidori met Rei Attlee for the first time. The two became fast friends despite their short time together, and Rei gave Kimidori one of her hairclips as a reminder of their friendship. Sometime later Kimidori had to sell that hairclip to pay back a debt, but the young girl never forgot her friend. She eventually left to find Rei, and was saddened to find her friend in such a sad state that she started making letters to her in hopes to make her happy.


Kimidori first appears when Lag Seeing arrives to deliver mail. Her immense height shocks the young letter bee, which Kimidori causually brushes off with a laugh. When Kimidori hands the letter to Calbasso, the cruel woman is shocked to find her hands in a state of filth. She tells the young woman to clean up, pushing her in the procces, causing Kimidori to fall down several stairs. 


Kimidori picking hydragena blue flowers.

Kimidori tells a concernend Lag that she is okay. Kimidori later appears picking hydranega blue flowers, prompting Lag to conclude to it was was in fact Kimidori who was sending Rei the picture letters. Kimidori later explains that she only drew those pictures to make Rei happy, and frevently pleads not to tell. Unfortunately, Calbasso overhears the entire conversation and tells Rei that she wa the one who drew the letters. Lag manages to reveal the truth through his heart bullet. After the event, Rei approaches Kimidori and thanks her for her friendship.    

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