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Kagerou is a region between Yuusari and Akatsuki. Kagerou is a place where crops are grown and harvested and where domestic animals reared, in additions to peasent many other people live here, as this also a location various research fasilities. The place of the gate to Akatsuki, and has a gatekeeper known as Seine who looks into the hearts of those who want to enter Akatsuki and determines if "their faith in the Empress and their heart is strong." The place if someone rejected to go to the capital, then the military will chose a suitable job in Kagerou. The captain of the military police third regiment is Clarice Kanon.


  • Kagerou is the place that Largo and Anne Seeing were born.
  • It was where many of the "ones who failed to become the spirits" were created.
  • It take the appearance of  a vast farmland with green mountains and number of houses, farms, and facilities.
  • People, either living there or passing through, can hear voices of people's hearts and memories from the water, plants (and the fruits), and even from the air and sky.


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